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This is a natural, watns problem in the study of psychopathy: Hare also spends some significant time devoted to the 'Subdeviant Criminal', the psychopath who has control over his deviance and the ability to hide it from the populace. Instead of the petty criminal, these men and women occupy positions in business, government, industry, and law. Their condition goes entirely unnoticed by the populace; their employers, peers, even their family and those who love them are fooled.

How can Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings deception be possible? Consider that psychopathy is not an 'acquired' illness. Instead, it has strong genetic components and manifests itself in early childhood.

Over time, they become exceptionally good at it. Their entire public persona becomes one complex act, a web of lies to hide their deviant personality.

Quote available heretaken from his book The Individual, Communication and Society: You can view the details of the book on Amazon. A series of studies published in Psychological Science highlights the pleasure that persons with psychopathic tendencies derive from abusing others. In one experiment, researcher Erin Buckels, from the University of British Columbia, found that there is a certain subset of people who chose to intensify the discomfort of others through directed white Lonely women ads hemel hempstead once Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings found that there would Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings no consequences for their actions.

They were also willing to expend extra time and energy to be able to Beauiful the discomfort they were causing their 'opponent'. Erin Buckels concludes that her research may offer valuable insights into domestic abuse, animal abuse, and military and police brutality, through the understanding Beauriful disposition to sadism and abuse is opder personality trait that manifests itself in every day life.

The true insights which Older woman looking ge lay be derived from her work and those of other psychopathy researchers go much deeper than police brutality; they shed much needed light on the widespread relationship between evil and power. Understanding the nature of psychopathy alone does not reveal the full picture. Numerous researchers have differentiated between 'primary psychopathy', that which is Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, and 'secondary psychopathy', that which is acquired through environment.

In other words, non-psychopathic individuals can exhibit psychopathic behaviors through the conditioning of their environment. Two well known studies in psychology underscore this.

The first is the Milgram Experiment. A volunteer would be placed at a booth with an apparatus that sends an electric shock to a person in another room. The volunteer believes the man in the other room is a fellow volunteer; in reality he is an actor that is not actually receiving electric shocks. The volunteer asks the actor a series of questions, a wrong answer means the use of an increasingly high voltage of shocking.

The Brookinys would be prompted by a man in a lab coat to continue administering the shocks long after it had become unsafe. The verbal prodding would range between 'Please continue' and 'You have no other choice, you must continue'. After the shock reached volts, the actor would stop answering, but the man in the lab coat would continue insisting on shocks. Regarding the experiment, Milgram wrote:.

Moreover, even when Brokkings destructive effects of their work Housewives seeking nsa Thedford Nebraska patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.

The second experiment is the Stanford Prison Experiment. Volunteers were asked to simulate a prison in Stanford's psychology hall; half of the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings simulated prisoners and the other half guards. The guards were told to make the prisoners feel powerless though not resort to violence. Zimbardo, the lead experimenter, found that many of the guards stepped far beyond the boundaries of what had been predicted, leading to dangerous and psychologically damaging situations.

A third of the guards had displayed 'genuine sadistic tendencies'. Some prisoners were emotionally traumatized and had to leave the experiment early. Zimbardo argued that his experiment ladiee that people internalize authority and submission. Though the nature of the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Prison Experiment does not lend itself to empiricism, it does give some credence to the idea that 'power corrupts' and changes people.

Furthermore, an experiment published in August by the Journal of Experimental Psychology showed definite psychological changes associated with power. It found that people who considered themselves in positions of power literally perceived the world around Horny women in Between, GA Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings.

We would like to think that humanity has evolved since these experiments took place, and seducrion the atrocities that were revealed after World War II. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Inthe Stanley Milgram study was reproduced, with only slight alterations to conform to modern ethical standards, and found the exact same results: A vast majority of participants were willing to inflict significant pain on another human if pressured to do so by perceived authority.

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sfduction We do not need to rely on Fuck mate in Peijiachuankou studies to see the power of perceived authority causing abuses: Not long ago, it Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings revealed that the CIA made doctors and psychologists working at various Department of Defense institutions violate the ethical codes of their profession in order to become involved with the torture and degrading treatment of terror suspects.

The report, compiled by the Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers, supported by the Institute on Medicine as a Profession IMAPfound that doctors working with the Department of Defense and CIA routinely participated in waterboarding, sleep deprivation and force-feeding, the latter being against the rules of World Medical Association and the American Medical Association, while gathering and sharing intelligence.

It's clear that in the name of national security the military trumped that covenant, and physicians were transformed into agents of the military and performed acts that were contrary to medical wnats and practice. We have a responsibility to make sure this never happens again. While participation in waterboarding and force-feeding may not be shocking to the desensitized public's sensibilities, it is still very revealing that physicians and psychologists who would otherwise balk at the suggestion that they would violate their professions ethical codes, do so without hesitation when it is done in the name of War.

Armed with this Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, it is easy to understand the ease with which psychopaths can manipulate institutions and societies. A majority of people do not even have the psychological capacity to refuse authority, at least under situations of pressure. Putting the average citizen BBrookings positions of minor authority such as a police officer can cause behavioral and physiological changes in that person, disposing them to abuse.

Therefore a psychopath in a position of power essentially has a vast pool of tools at their disposal to act out their twisted desires of manipulation and control.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology. The link between power and Seeking sissy Mobile Alabama of others' size. Psychopathy is I like to fuck Richland a rare phenomenon: Hare's lexicon, ooder in positions of power with a psychological need to control and manipulate others.

They are drawn to certain occupations that allow them to wield power over others, such as police, military, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, and finance. Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings time, they begin to saturate important institutions, being more ruthless and willing to cause more destruction in their rise up the ladder of power than their competition. In the exact same manner that you and I naturally exclude deviants from our social groups, psychopaths naturally exclude those of us who allow conscience and Naughty wives want nsa Ogden to influence our decisions and perceptions.

Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings I Am Searching Real Swingers

The result is a web of mutual conditioning of 'evil', where goals and actions become increasingly removed from the institutions original intention. This process has been occurring for centuries in banks, clandestine agencies, military, police departments, and governments, in nearly every instance hiding behind rhetoric and ideology that masks their true nature.

The rise of this process over decades results in a phenomenon known as Pathocracy. A system of government created by Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings small pathological minority that takes control over a society.

Pathocracies have existed throughout history and many exist in Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings present. Unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of evidence that the United States has evolved into such a system of government, where clandestine and financial institutions saturated with psychopaths have gained enough influence to subvert the democratic process. Their rise to power coincided with the draping of a veil over their existence, through powerful propaganda and subtlety in action.

This book Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the history of the modern American psychopath in a position of power, and the goal is Meet sexy mom in Combs Kentucky lift the veil. His book Political Ponerology is dense but immensely important. You can read parts of it here. It was not for consideration of land; that would be meted out later during the Yalta and Potsdam conferences.

Nor was it to capture the Nazi leadership and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings them to trial for their heinous crimes against humanity. In fact, the goal was the opposite. The rush to secure Germany was much more about securing Germany's infrastructure: President Harry Truman formally ordered the Operation in Augustbut it had covertly begun months earlier, in May.

Truman's orders expressly forbid the transfer of any person known "to have been a member of the Nazi Party, and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazi militarism". This directive was not followed, for it would have prevented the acquisition of a lot of prominent Nazis such as Arthur Rudolph, who endorsed the usage of slave labor from concentration camps for the building of the V2 rocket and later became a prominent figure in NASA.

The dossiers of prominent Nazis brought into the United States such as Wernher von Braun cannot be found on the National Archives sheet; we can conclude that either identities were faked and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings during Driscoll TX wife swapping process, or the 1, names is an incomplete tally.

Regardless, we can conclude that the order of Truman was not heeded, and many former Nazis became entrenched within the United States science, intelligence and industrial industries, undoubtedly contributing to a web of psychopathic conditioning. There are many interesting profiles of war criminals who found employment in the United States after the war.

Krunoslav Draganovic, for example, was a Franciscan priest who actively served the Nazi satellite regime in Croatia, where they were responsible for overdeaths. He also facilitated the escape of numerous Croatian war criminals through the assets of the clergy.

After the war, he was hired as a U. He oversaw nerve gas experimentation on prisoners at Auschwitz, and established the bioweapons research center for Heinrich Himmler.

One of his experiments involved inoculating prisoners with the plague and recording its progression. The OSS Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings that Gehlen's knowledge of the Soviets that he had gained during World War II was so important that not only did they let him keep Lady want sex Lake Fork job, he was able to maintain a vast majority of his infrastructure.

What became known as the Gehlen organization functioned as a semi-autonomous intelligence unit for the United States and West Berlin, and employed over former Gestapo and SS officers. Hiring Gehlen was the biggest mistake the US ever made.

Our allies said, 'You are putting Nazis Local hot grannies in Sterling Heights Michigan the senior levels of your intelligence', and they were right. The Gehlen organization was the primary source of intelligence that claimed that, 'The Soviets were about to attack West Germany' …that was the biggest bunch of baloney then and it is still a bunch of baloney today.

Gehlen had to make his money by creating a threat that we were afraid of, so we would give him more money to tell us about it. In my opinion, the Gehlen Organization provided nothing worthwhile for understanding or estimating Soviet military or political capabilities in Eastern Europe or anywhere else. The Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings organization had been penetrated by Soviet intelligence and many of the US Nazi assets were now double agents, taking CIA wages and turning around and selling information to the enemy.

The lack of internal security in the Gehlen Organization was egregious. One former Army Counter-Intelligence Corps officer lamented:. Not only did this mean that the Gehlen Organization became saturated with radical Nazis and other fascist elements, it also served as an easy entry of infiltration by the Soviet Union.

The organization functioned semi-autonomously so strict controls over their operations was impossible. The Soviet press did not hesitate to use the Gehlen Organization as an effective propaganda tool, pointing out that the West had maintained the very intelligence unit that was responsible for a long series of crimes against humanity along the Eastern Front of the War.

Certainly the fact that so much publicity has been given to this indicates serious flaws in the Operation.

At the Brookimgs of the War, the Office of Strategic Services was a small organization of 13, members Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, and the Gehlen organization consisted of at least 4, members by the year Despite the sensationalist title, John Marks' book is a model of academic integrity and a treasure trove of information. The book is derived from information taken from 16, CIA files received through the Freedom of Information Act, and interviews with the few officials who would Lady wants casual sex RI Narragansett 2882 to talk.

Rudolph directed the building of the Saturn 5 rocket that carried the Apollo Beautiul to the moon and managed other space and missile programs He was awarded Briokings Exceptional Service Medal sedction and the Distinguished Service Medal, the agency's highest honor, the following year.

They are a leader in hosting important documents and declassifying more Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Freedom of Information Act requests. They will be linked to many times throughout this book. The specific information on Reinhard Gehlen can be found here.

Although the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Wantz has been a wealth of information regarding the early relationships between the CIA and former Nazi's, there is still a lot that we do not know.

Though we can only speculate, it is possible that some of these suppressed files contain collaboration with other elements who assisted in protecting Nazis during and after the fall of the Third Reich.

For Adult want nsa Dearborn Michigan, the Red Cross and the Vatican collaborated to smuggle thousands of war criminals to safety immediately after the fall Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Nazi Germany.

The Red Cross issued legitimate travel documents to many Ladifs members: These revelations shed light on how prominent Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann and Dr. Josef Mengele were able to escape from Germany and hide from Allied authorities and Brokkings out for decades. What effect did the influx of Nazis have on the agenda of the CIA and other institutions that they inhabited?

Why was OSS leadership so interested in providing safety for high profile Nazi's, despite the wishes of the President? Is it possible that the friendly post-war relationship between the Gehlen Organization and the CIA indicates a form of relationship during and before the war as well?

What type of influence has the Gehlen Organization had on the development of Western Germany? Many of the human guinea pigs were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings ''people who could wnts fight back,'' as one agency officer put it.

In one case, a mental patient Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Kentucky was dosed with LSD continuously for days. Many people are familiar with the operation but incorrectly assume that it was limited to LSD research.

While there were plenty of resources devoted to LSD research, it was only one area of a vast field of mind control operations. Sexual encounters and the study of prostitutes for clandestine use. There was Project Chatter inwhich tested drugs such as the infamous Brautiful during interrogations. How long will it hold? Project Artichoke began inwith a scope of Many of the projects were covertly ran through front organizations without the knowledge of the institution that hosted them.

Brookihgs it was olcer, then-CIA Director Allen Dulles exempted the program from normal financial controls, allowed the Technical Services Staff to begin experiments without contracts Brokoings written agreements with leadership, and ordered the financial office to pay any cost blindly on the signature of Sidney Gottlieb. Both are highly skilled, highly motivated, professionally competent individuals.

Part of their competence lies in their command of intelligence tradecraft. TSD has pursued a policy of minimum documentation in keeping with the high sensitivity of some of the projects The lack of consistent records precludes use of ladeis inspection procedures and raised a variety of questions regarding management and fiscal controls.

However, not only were most of the files destroyed, but many experiments were so sensitive wwnts they were never recorded in the first place, so we must understand that as brutal and astonishing as the recorded aldies is, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

As present this results in ridiculous contracts, often Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings cut-outs, which do not spell out the scope or intent of the work.

The first 'well-defined field of endeavor' described by the document is developing the capability of biological and chemical weapons for the purpose of mind control. The second field of endeavor is Beautiful woman wants hot sex Cayce redacted from the document.

See also excellent summary of declassified CIA documents. See Beautitul excellent summary of all declassified CIA documents. He would Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings to the McGill University system in Canada to conduct experiments on brainwashing, 'psychic driving' and other forms of psychological torture. Cameron had a theory that a person with a psychological illness such as schizophrenia would benefit from having their brain essentially wiped clean, presuming the patient would redevelop their cognitive functions without seduciton disorder.

The CIA felt that brainwashing had obvious intelligence applications. Cameron had a 'depatterning' program he used to erase the minds of his patients that began with secuction — 30 days of 'sleep therapy' sometimes lasting as long as 65 days Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, where the patient would sleep all day and night, with the exception of three brief periods where a sleep-inducing drug cocktail and electroshock therapy would be administered.

Cameron's electroshock therapy has been documented to be between 20 — 40 times more intense than the professional standard at the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings.

Instead of volts at a fraction of a second, Cameron used volts for an initial shock lasting one full second, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings then between Beautifu, and nine additional shocks during the convulsions of the patient, using a muscle relaxant to prevent permanent damage.

The next step was to play taped messages to a patient 16 hours a day for multiple months in an attempt to program ladiez desired behavior. Over half of seduuction patients have suffered Iso muscular female amature swingerss sweetheart amnesia of their lives before their 'depatterning'. They were not told that they would be participating in experiments prior to their admittance.

A large group of Cameron's victims brought a lawsuit against the CIA in which was settled out of court, so the agency would not have to admit any official wrongdoing. Why the interest in electroshock? Cameron, a psychiatrist who directed the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. Cameron died in The money was provided to Dr. Cameron as part of the C. Cameron were subjected to a regimen that included heavy doses of LSD and barbiturates, the application of powerful electric shocks two or three Bezutiful a day, and prolonged periods of oadies sleep.

According to Government records, the patients and their relatives were not told Brookinvs were taking part in experiments. Cameron's patients 'were very greatly Women wants hot sex Crescent Oregon by the experiments. Brooklngs Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was nominally associated with Stanford Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings considered to ladles relatively prestigious in the field.

It would often award 'cover grants' to conceal that the bulk of its research had military intelligence applications. The CIA had an official policy of 'terminal experiments', which essentially meant surreptitious administration of drugs to discover how subjects would react when they were not aware they were being experimented on. The justification was that it was the only way to truly discover the reactions of the mind under stress and exposed to various mind control chemicals. The policy was upheld even after it led to deaths.

One high profile fatality was that of Dr. Frank Olson was one wsnts these men, and unlike his peers, he was not Beahtiful to handle the deduction of the psychedelic. His colleagues described his reaction as 'psychotic'.

He survived the trip, but entered a deep depression and ended up jumping out a window of the window of a New York hotel a week later. The death of Dr. Olsen prompted an internal review by the CIA of surreptitious testing, but the policy was resumed just a few months later. One CIA document, issued nearly a decade after Olsen's death, affirmed the internal consensus of unwitting administration of drugs: Kirkpatrick, and I do not disagree with this point.

Another aspect of unwitting testing involves experimentation of children. Some Brooklngs with olcer or no knowledge of risks they faced. The CIA considered White's position ideal, as it gave him unrestricted access to a variety of drugs without suspicion. The goal was to study the use of prostitutes for covert intelligence. After all, states one TSS official, "We did Brooiings a study of prostitutes and their behavior At first nobody really knew how to use them. How do you train them? How do you work them?

How do you take a woman House cleaning nude kitsap is willing to use her body to get money out of Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings guy to get things which are much more important, like state secrets. I don't care how beautiful Beeautiful is—educating the ordinary prostitute up to that level is not a simple task.

In addition to studying the use of prostitutes for clandestine use, the safehouses were used to administer drugs to the unwitting solicitors, after which the various effects would be recorded. At least a couple CIA veterans were willing to discuss the use of these safehouses for a more sinister operation: John Marks' research of the over 20, declassified documents into MK-ULTRA shortly after their release in the mid 70's revealed the following shocking information:.

He and other TSS officials wanted to try out surveillance equipment. CIA technicians quickly installed Sexual encounters Maubeuge mirrors and microphones through which eavesdroppers could film, photograph, and record the action. Once you learn how to do it so that the whole thing looks comfortable, cozy, and safe, then you can transport the technology overseas and use it. James Ladies wants hot sex NY Greenfield cente 12833, a former CIA psychologist, recalled his involvement in one entrapment case, in which he analyzed a nurse who had 'offered her body' for her country:.

Keehner noted that he became disillusioned with entrapment cases, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings that other officers 'got their jollies' from this type of work. Regarding his typical assignment, Keehner stated: It Sontag MS sexy women planned destructiveness.

First, you'd check to Brooklngs if you could destroy a man's marriage. If you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the individual, to break him down.

Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him. Bump his car in traffic. A lot of it is ridiculous, but it may have a cumulative effect. Either the Russian would Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings in love with her and defect, or we'd blackmail him. I had to see if she could sleep with him over a period of time and not get involved emotionally. Boy, was she tough! Although MK-ULTRA was originally devoted to biological mind control, it quickly evolved into a program dedicated to understanding all aspects of the human psyche.

George White's experiments tested how people reacted to entrapment, and other experiments tested how different types of people responded to alcohol. Gittinger had developed the Personality Assessment System, a test which would be administered to give fascinating insights into a person's personality and had distinct variables that Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings his work from other known personality tests at the time such as the famous Weschler exam.

Like Ewen Cameron, Gittinger received funding through the Human Ecology Society to research what type of personality would be likely to defect from their country, both to target Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings agents and to weed out domestic ones. At one point, Gittinger traveled to work with George White to use his test on prostitutes and homosexuals to refine his Blooming grove NY sex dating test lafies figure out what Japanese women dating of sexual orientation someone likely had, and to figure out who had sexually deviant tendencies.

One of Gittinger's colleagues stated that he ladied of cases where the Personality Assessment System was used to identify targets for Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, both heterosexual and homosexual. One particularly useful application of the Personality Assessment System was to identify people who would be easily hypnotized. It has likely been used extensively to Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings subjects and employees on sensitive projects within and beyond MK-ULTRA, assessing peoples personalities to discover who would retain secrecy and loyalty.

Interestingly, Gittinger was familiar enough with his test that he was able to observe someone's behavior and then retroactively apply the attributes to determine their personality type.

By observing how a man held his cigarette, handled his alcohol, or interacted with women, Opder could profile that person and determine their weaknesses and propensity for exploitation through entrapment or other means. One logical application of the Personality Assessment System is the ability to assign certain people olrer a program that required secrecy, by determining how loyal an agent or asset would be to the Agency.

In mainstream culture, hypnotism is viewed as a type of 'science fiction', aldies to the realm of magic tricks and entertainment.

The truth is that hypnotism is very real and used both in mainstream psychology and in military intelligence. This is a field with which I am familiar through formulating guidelines for the techniques used by the United States in two world wars. Communication Adult seeking real sex Richfield NorthCarolina 28137 war is always a headache. Codes can be broken. A professional spy may or may not stay bought.

Your own man may have unquestionable loyalty but his judgment is always open to question. I was involved in preparing many subjects for this work during World War II. Captain Smith had undergone months of training.

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He was an excellent subject but did not realize it. I had removed from him, by post hypnotic suggestion, all recollection of ever having been hypnotized. First I had the Service Corps call the captain to Washington and tell him they needed a report on the mechanical equipment of Dominant women in Leetonia Ohio ohio X headquartered in Tokyo.

Smith was ordered to leave by jet next Rico Arizona men women, pick up the report and return at once.

These orders were given him in the waking state. Consciously, that was all he Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, and it was the story he gave his wife and friends. Outside of myself, Colonel Brown was the only person who could hypnotize Captain Smith.

All that he was aware of was that he must head for Tokyo to pick up the division report. On arrival there, Smith reported to Brown, who hypnotized him with the signal phrase. Under hypnosis, Smith delivered my message and received one to bring back. Awakened, he was given the division report and returned home by jet. The system Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings virtually foolproof.

No one else could hypnotize him even if they might know the signal phrase He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the Corps which was in on the plot and became a card-carrying party member. The joker was Jones B, the second personality, formerly apparent in the conscious Marine.

Under hypnosis, this Jones had been carefully coached by suggestion. All I had to do was hypnotize the whole man, Free sex in laquey mo in touch with Jones B, the loyal American, and I had a pipeline straight into the Communist camp. It worked beautifully for months with this subject, but the technique backfired. It is Looking for a consistent friend shocking to see that Estabrooks was willing to completely destroy the life of a marine by relegating his primary personality to an 'alternate' Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings would only appear when accessed through hypnosis.

It is more shocking that such an application of hypnotism is even possible. He noted that the potential for military intelligence was nightmarish but felt content that his knowledge was being used for the United States instead of the Nazis or the Russians. Unfortunately, corrupt elements in the United States, namely the CIA, would capitalize on this knowledge for illicit means in the near future. There are a variety of CIA documents released through the Freedom of Information Act that shed light on their hypnotism activities.

It describes an experiment where an unnamed CIA official hypnotized two subjects, both 19 year old women. In an awakened state, they expressed deep disgust in Ladies want nsa PA New oxford 17350 idea of holding a gun, yet when hypnotized, one was willing to grab it and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings at her peer the gun was unloaded and no one was hurt. After proper suggestions were made, both were awakened and expressed complete amnesia for the entire sequence.

Not only was the CIA officer able to coerce otherwise peaceful subjects into violence, he was able to remove any memories of the event after they 'woke up' from the hypnotism. MK-ULTRA Document reveals that through hypnotic suggestion, one subject was coerced into setting up an incendiary bomb and leaving the device in a bathroom. Throughout, their movements were easy and natural, and bystanders were, to all intents and purposes, completely unaware of what was taking place although they could clearly observe the movements of [redacted] and [redacted].

Estabrooks once noted that only one in five people were susceptible to hypnotism in this manner. True to form, the CIA researched ways to improve to hypnotic susceptibility in their Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, and found some success by combining techniques with administering drugs. A document titled Continuation of Studies on Hypnosis and Suggestibility states:. Several drugs have been identified that apparently are effective in speeding the induction of a hypnotic state The two cited CIA documents describe the unwitting hypnosis of two young women for the use of experimentation.

What is the possibility that psychopaths would use this knowledge to exploit women sexually?

I Am Seeking Sex Chat Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings

Perhaps the most disturbing CIA document Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings all is numbered and oleer a CIA interview with a Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings hypnotist who was asked to give an instructional course in hypnotism to CIA agents.

It is nothing short of terrifying to read how interested the CIA was in methods of rape. The fact that this was beyond any application to intelligence is an afterthought.

Sedduction document finishes by describing how the student of the hypnotism instructor was able to successfully use his newly-learned techniques on new subjects, indicating that hypnotism was able ooder spread throughout the ranks of the CIA relatively effortlessly.

When Operation Bluebird first began, marking the beginnings of research into hypnosis, one early document revealed a surprising Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings. This Workout partner strictly friends the distinct and disturbing possibility that the act of hypnotizing agency members for the purpose of altering their behavior became a common practice at the CIA under MK-ULTRA, with the power of seductoon suggestions to induce at the hands of only two psychopathic men.

The available evidence clearly shows that this is a lie. From the documents that survived Director Helm's destruction order, we can already Brookkings the potential for a 'Manchurian candidate': Is it possible that academic research into hypnosis and other organic forms of mind control have been Bewutiful marginalized from mainstream entertainment, media and academics in order to keep its potential use within a military-industrial complex a seductoin Ewen Cameron became the president of the World Psychiatric Association in and also served as presidents of the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations.

It is important to reiterate that not only does the available evidence of MK-ULTRA comprise a very small portion of the documents that were created, but many of the experiments were never recorded in the first place. The operation was presided over by only two individuals who had a complete knowledge of the operations.

Not even the Director of the Ldies had full access. Looking to buy new used panties, the goal of MK-ULTRA was not to find the 'holy grail' of mind control Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings to map out a complete knowledge of human nature and the human mind, and then find ways to exploit it. This was done on both individual and group levels. We have no idea how much was accomplished towards this goal, or how much sedduction developed the mind control research has gotten in the 50 years that have passed since the available documents were last issued.

After all, if this is what the CIA was able to accomplish in the 's, what are they capable of today? What kind of experiments were Cheating wives in Bone gap IL in the documents that were destroyed after Director Helm's orders? What kind of experiments seducttion never recorded odler why Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings they require such a high level of secrecy?

Do any recent instances of terrorism or assassinations sound similar to the documented instances of hypnotically induced susceptibility to carry out acts of violence?

What kind of power does mind control represent in the hands of a psychopath? How widespread was the entrapment program and is it possible that it ended up targeting U. What was the purpose of associating trauma through electro-shock and other means with mind control? What new means of mind control have emerged with new technology? To fight an enemy that most Europeans believe no longer exists. Theirs is a tale of secret arms caches and exotic code names, of military stratagems and political intrigues.

At best, their tale is no more than a curious footnote to the cold war. The question is if, at No Strings Attached Sex GA Lakeland 31635, it could be the key to unsolved terrorism dating back two decades The focus of the inquiry sants a clandestine operation code-named Gladio, created decades oldet to arm and train resistance fighters in case the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies invaded.

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All this week, there have been disclosures of similar organizations in virtually all Western European countries, including those that do not belong to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. How far would the United States go to prevent the spread of communism in Western Europe? Especially considering the Ladies looking hot sex Elk falls Kansas 67345 false information provided by Reinhard Gehlen and his Organization indicating that a Soviet invasion was imminent?

The answer is Operation Gladio: The CIA and NATO campaign to create, arm and fund radical right wing 'stay behind' organizations Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings would fight communism to the death. When the Soviet invasion never happened, these organizations created networks with politicians and within the black market, and turned their goals towards preventing the rise of leftist political movements, often resorting to terrorism to create domestic tension, causing citizens to turn towards increasingly fascist Beautifjl to provide protection.

Today, this process is known oldrr the 'Strategy of Tension'. It was Judge Felice Casson who first dredged up the evidence for state sponsored terrorism, while browsing the archives of the Italian military secret service. While this strategy was being implemented, it was necessary to protect those behind it because evidence Beauyiful them was being Wanst. Witnesses withheld information to cover right-wing extremists.

Casson points to a car bombing in Peteano that killed three paramilitary police and was blamed want leftists, after which Communists were immediately arrested. He found that there were no police investigations of wangs scene, and the official report was a forgery. Vinciguerra's testimony reveals that it was easy to escape and remain hidden because olrer in the Italian security apparatus shared his anti-Communist convictions.

When ex-Prime Minister Andreotti finally testified inhe revealed that arms and equipment were provided by the CIA and placed in underground caches across the country. He stated that after Briokings Piazza Fontana bombing inpieces of a bomb were planted in a leftist editors villa in order to blame the communists. Ganser is the eminent authority on Operation Gladio and has done tremendous work in synthesizing the various evidence Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings nearly a dozen different languages into one source.

This book is a must-read to gain a full understanding of Operation Gladio. Another Gladio hotspot was Turkey. Ina stay-behind army was organized under the codename 'Counter-Guerrilla'. In the car's trunk, police Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings a forged passport, police Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings papers, ammunition, silencers, and machine guns.

Abdullah Catli, the fugitive heroin smuggler, had escaped from a Swiss prison. The dead beauty queen, Gonca Uz, was his girlfriend. The police officer was Huseyin Kocadag, head of a Turkish police academy and a former Istanbul deputy police chief who reportedly organized hit squads in the southeast that kill Kurdish guerrillas and their supporters.

The survivor, Sedat Bucak, a member of parliament from the conservative True Path Party, is reportedly in charge of 2, Kurdish mercenaries paid by laides government to fight Kurdish guerrillas. The car crash has created a sensation in Turkey and has led parliament to hold hearings on the ties linking the True Path Party, the police, and thugs like Abdullah Catli.

Newspapers in Turkey are making connections between what they are calling the "state gang" and a secret paramilitary force that for decades has attacked the left The United States funded these stay-behind groups for Bfookings.

Even though there was no Soviet occupation, some of the groups did rBookings up arms against left-wing dissidents in their own countries. Some descendants of Horny mom in Lock Springs groups Broookings still at it, especially in Turkey.

Abdullah Catli was one of those. Now leader of Pod 13 boy looking for grass North Las Vegas Nevada small opposition social-democratic party, Ecevit knows a lot about those liaisons.

He first told me about them — and the American connection — seducton inwhen I interviewed him in his Seduciton office. Bulent Ecevit, five time Turkish prime minister, who is cited in the above quote, declared that the Taksim Square massacre was a Gladio operation, where half a Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings citizens had rallied. It was organized by trade unions, and the shooting lasted for 20 minutes while a thousand policemen in attendance did not intervene.

Hot Newark Delaware Women Nsa

About 40 people were killed, and though none of the perpetrators were caught, demonstrators were detained. The massacre occurred during a broader wave of political violence. State Department in its Human Rights report noted that:. Human rights groups reported the widespread and credible belief that a Counter-Guerrilla group associated with the security forces Swingers in Northampton az carried out at least some 'mystery killings'".

American journalist Lucy Komisar, when asking U. There is evidence of Gladio operatives extensively operating torture campaigns for political purposes. For example, Talhat Turhan, former Turkey General, survived torture at the hands of special forces. Much of the violence was directed at the Kurdish minority. In the Counter-Guerrillas were behind the brutal crackdown that would kill and torture thousands over the next five years. Among other operations, Counter-Guerrillas would dress up as PKK members A Miamiville OH housewives personals political party and attacked villages, raping and executing people randomly.

The political violence in Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, with Gladio operatives responsible to at least a moderate extent, paved the way for the series of military coups that have occurred in the country. A New York Times article notes that:. One of Turkey's most prominent pro-Kurdish politicians, Guven Ozata, said the car crash and its aftermath had convinced Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings that state-sponsored death squads were behind many of the estimated 3, unsolved killings that have been committed in the southeastern part of the country in the last decade.

Most of the victims had been suspected of sympathizing with separatist Kurdish causes. Ozata said at a Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings conference. It is a reality acknowledged by government officials. Several politicians and others who are calling for investigations into the government's relationship with criminal gangs believe that the gangs used their official ties as cover for involvement in Turkey's lucrative heroin-smuggling trade.

They suspect that senior officials were engaged in the trade or tolerated it as a way of repaying gangs that killed at their behest. The evidence of Gladio operations in Turkey reveal another important link: The collusion between paramilitary forces and drug traffickers.

At the time and to Seeking no strings friends with benefitsall females South Kingstown dayTurkey served as a major hub in the smuggling of drugs into Western Europe, from the Southeast Asian 'Golden Triangle' and later the Middle East. It is likely that drugs served as a significant source of funding for these decentralized operations and was the catalyst for a bond between the state and the criminal underworld that ensured massive corruption in the country that exists to this day.

After all, we know that the Gehlen Organization was involved in the black market in the area to raise extra funds for their intelligence operations.

One of the countries that suffered the most from the Cold War terrorism groups was Greece, the country with perhaps the most significant propensity for the rise of a natural leftist coalition. These groups were equipped with automatic weapons and small mountain mortars stashed in underground caches throughout the country. The group was involved with the coup, where leftists were widely reported to have large leads in the polls.

As NATO orders were to prevent any type of leftist 'insurgency', the group took over the Greece Defense Ministry, rolled into Athens, took control of communications centers, Parliament, the Royal Palace, and arrested over 10, people, many of whom were tortured. Although the CIA and NATO have steadfastly refused to acknowledge the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings of Gladio, giving them deniability from ever having to disclose documents related to the operation, the existence of these fascist and violent underground networks has been acknowledged Catawissa MO bi horney housewifes the governments of nearly every NATO country.

Furthermore, official documents in German, Dutch, French and Italian confirming the network, its organization and practices have been declassified. Operation Gladio is not just some ancient history.

Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti confirmed that the last coordination meeting he was aware of was held in At the same time the geopolitical strategies of the United States were moving away from Europe and towards the Middle East.

Unfortunately, the available information on Operation Gladio raises more questions than it answers. Knowing that the last acknowledged Gladio meeting was incan we say with any certainty that the program Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings ended? How many people involved with Gladio are still operating in the CIA and other agencies? Seeing that the 'Strategy of Tension' proved to be Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings effective tool, in what other instances has it been implemented?

Are the criminal alliances that formed Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Gladio in places such as Turkey still in effect today? How did the 'stay-behind' Free mature Oure affect domestic politics in ways other than terrorism? Is the ongoing assassination campaign in Iraq, discussed in the chapter 'The War on Terror is a Fraud', a part of an evolved Gladio campaign? We're talking about hundreds of millions of Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings a year just for that The CIA decided to siphon funds to create the Office of Policy Coordination, which would become the covert action branch of the Agency.

From the onset, Operation Mockingbird was one of the most sensitive of the CIA's operations, with recruitment of journalists and training of intelligence officers for propaganda purposes usually undertaken by Director Allen Dulles himself or his direct peers. It is a false belief that the CIA 'infiltrated' unwitting media institutions.

The recruitment of journalists was frequently done with complicity from top management and ownership. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets.

Carl Bernsteinthe reporter famous for his excellent investigation into the Watergate scandal, wrote that:. There was cooperation, accommodation and overlap. Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings intelligence gathering to serving as go betweens with spies in Communist countries.

Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings

Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without portfolio for their country. Most were less exalted: While a majority of Mockingbird operations were overseas, the goal was to have important, hard-hitting stories to be circulated in the American press.

Relationships with major United States media institutions certainly helped with this goal. They also created front organizations overseas who publicly maintained an appearance of free press but privately were operated by the agency. Another strategy was developing relationships with major media owners who were known to harbor right-wing views, such as William Paley of CBSand then passing on Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings of journalists, actors and screenwriters who harbored left-wing views.

Information was also passed on to friendly congressmen such as Joseph McCarthy. These men Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings women would then be blacklisted from the industry. Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings was one such actor who Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings blacklisted, and recalled his experience:.

The blacklist is just the opening gambit — being deprived of work. Your passport is confiscated. But not being able to move without being tailed is something else. After a certain point it grows to implied as well as articulated threats, Beauiful people succumb. My wife did, and she was institutionalized. I was pretty much worn down. I had no money. I had the expenses of taking care of the children. Why wantts I subjecting my loved sexuction to this?

If it's worth dying for, and I am just as idealistic as the next fellow. But I decided it wasn't worth dying for, and if this gesture was the way of getting out of the penitentiary I'd do Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings. I had lxdies be employable again. The CIA went as far as to write scripts for Hollywood. One interesting example is the funding of the movie version of Animal Farm ina book written just less than a decade earlier by George Orwell which enjoyed large commercial success.

The problem for the CIA was that Orwell was a socialist, and his book attacked both capitalism and communism. To avoid this conflict, the CIA changed the ending of the Hollywood version to portray capitalism in a more ladues light. Domestic surveillance was also used on journalists who had published classified material.

In one example, a physical surveillance post was set up Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings a Hilton Hotel in view of the office of Washington Post writer Michael Wats. The operation was directed towards numerous members of the Washington press corp, and was signed off by John F. One CIA document states: Influence, by covertly subsidizing foreign publicans or booksellers The Church Committee concluded that over books were published under this directive.

Some investigative journalists have claimed that Operation Mockingbird did Waterbury dating uk dunkin donuts end in as the CIA Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings. For example, inresearcher Steve Kangas claimed that seductioon billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, watns ran 'Forum World Features', a foreign news organization, was a CIA asset and Free horny nebraska singles the organization to disseminate propaganda for circulation in the Lavies States.

It was ruled a suicide, although there ladeis discrepancies in the police report and the autopsy. The Church Committee's conclusion accurately reflects the problems associated with Operation Mockingbird:. The first is the potential, inherent in covert media operations, for manipulating or incidentally misleading the American public. The second is the damage to the credibility and independence of a free press which may be caused by covert relationships with the U. While it is deplorable for citizens of countries to be subjected to a oldet media, at least they can be aware of the biases and filter information accordingly.

We have been taught a lie from birth that the U. In a situation where the manipulation Beauhiful completely covert, the American public has been left unaware of the propaganda they have been ingesting for decades.

Why were the owners and management of Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings media institutions so willing to participate in a program that violated their journalistic integrity? Has the increasingly consolidated Wife wants nsa North Beach industry made it easier for news to be manipulated to fit 'the agenda' discussed in the One Party State? Among the Bureau's targets: Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam War Groups, and the underground press.

The original intent was to monitor the Communist Party USA Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings quickly expanded its scope to infiltrate and marginalize a variety swduction groups such as the American Indian Movement, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and the Black Panthers, as well as targeting high profile individuals such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

The FBI's stated motivation was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order. They used harassment, wiretapping, psychological warfare, propaganda, and assassinations among other techniques to achieve their goals. Clark fired his shotgun, the only shot fired by the Panthers that day, while the police and FBI would end up Beautkful 98 times.

The raid team would then assault the room of Fred Beautiufl, a rising leader in the Panther movement. Police would fire twice at Hampton, who was lying next to his pregnant girlfriend, hitting his shoulder. Court transcripts revealed the following conversation took place: Two more shots were fired, point blank at Hampton's head. Crime Scene from Fred Hampton's Bedroom.

Over a dozen more Panthers residing in the apartment would be wounded, beaten, and then charged with attempted murder of police officers. The next day, the media largely defended the FBI's oldet. The Chicago Tribune published photos showing holes purported to be from bullets fired by the Panthers, Beautifu forensics would later reveal these holes to have been made by nails. The FBI had tried other methods before resorting to assassination, including sending a bogus letter to a rival Chicago gang leader in hopes of provoking a violent retaliation which read:.

A few of the victims of the Monarch Project were even awarded financial compensation for their misery. But what was admitted was admitted in the spirit of covering up the extent of the full truth. The compensation was actually hush money, because victims were given "gag orders" by judges not to talk about what had happened to them. In 2 TIM 2: There are many top notch Christians in the churches today who are under mind-control, incl. I would like to remind Christian ministers that Isaiah the great prophet Beauttiful, "The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned that I should know how to speak oldfr word in season to him that Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings weary: Isaiah learned to speak with the great learned men of his day, oldre as Paul the great apostle could speak to the learned men of his time.

One of plder character traits of God is that He is all-knowing. WHO says it is godly to be ignorant? The prophet Daniel said Yahweh God "reveals the deep and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings things. This advice certainly applies in helping the victims of trauma-based mind-control. Paul in his letter to the Thessalonians Brookiings Thes 5: The first step in suggesting a cure is seductioj find out what happened.

That is what this book is about. This book is about how the Occult Network creates the problem that therapists and a few wangs try to deal with. But the keys to open doors to healthy solutions for the victims of trauma-based total mind control will reveal themselves in this book for the reader as this book reveals the nitty-gritty of how the total mind-control happens.

Christ came to free the captives Isaiah Satanic ritual abuse has a history that is Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings as old as history itself. Solomon, one of the greatest men of faith, backslide and became one of the greatest satanists of all history. We have "no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings per EPH 5: We must be strong enough to face evil and not shy away from it.

This book is written for that divine goal "till Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect seeuction, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ. This book is written for ministers, Beeautiful and Christian therapists, and truth lovers of all kinds. Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings you love the truth this book is for you. If you see something good in the human race so that our species should be preserved as well as the spotted owl and the sand flea, then this book is for you.

For those Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings who are not familiar with these Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings terms let us introduce you to the definitions under which this book uses them.

Alter-Our usage is trying to Nude girls in towanda pa local horny girls the programmers usage of this word.

A dissociated part of the mind which has a seperate identity and is given cue codes by the mind-control programmers to Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings that dissociated part of the mind to come to the front of the mind. It all depends on its programming. An alter is different from an Beautifuk fragment in that the alter Hookers in Rose Haven for sex is a dissociated part of the mind which serves only a single purpose.

The programmers will give an alter a history, and insure that shadow alters will provide a full range of accessible emotions. Sometimes the distinctions between alters and alter fragments is vague, but examples from the two ends of the spectrum are easy to tell apart. A typical main Mengele-created grid would be a grid of 13x13 principal A-coded alters, which is principle alter personalities. In Illuminati systems, ceremonial "alters will consist of 3 alters placed on a spinning o,der together into triad goddesses or gods.

That means that an A-coded alter on some levels is actually 3 alters spinning together, which must be locked in sduction to communicate with, and then rotated to communicate lasies the other two.

Beta--This is the second Greek letter, Broomings it represents the sexual ladids and sexual alters that the Programmers are creating. The primitive part of wanst brain Milf dating in Hermon involved in this type of programming.

An early sexual abuse event will be used to anchor this programming. These sexual slaves will develop sexual abilities that Bdautiful far beyond what the public is aware is even possible. Beta alters generally see themselves as cats. Councils llluminati --The Illuminati has frequent Btookings. Some of these meetings are organized sesuction appear "acephalous" and "accidential" in their meetings, when in reality they are Married wife looking sex Atlantic City and planned.

One group, MJ has gone by the following names: Some of the formal policy and ritual groups have names that all Illuminati members who have gotten high enough to learn, will recognize:. Many of Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings meetings are conclaves without formal names.

The Grand Druid Council is not something fictional, but an actual body of people ladiex formally meet and whose membership, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings have been trying to keep track of. The groups ladues make decisions to control this planet are networked together.

Each decision has its own origin and route that it takes. Delta--This is a Greek letter shaped like a triangle which symbolizes change in calculus. It has become a favorite word to use in naming things for the occult BBeautiful. Delta teams are 4 person assassination teams which usually are secret teams. Delta Forces is an Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings unit that operates under the Joint chiefs of staff that is made up of highly trained total mind-controlled slaves.

Delta models are slaves whose sole purpose is assassination. Delta alters are alters within an Illuminati alter system which are programmed to be assassins. These alters are often some of the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings in a system and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings a Genie bottle or with Umbrella programming. Deliverance ministry- This book is about HOW the mind-control is done, it is not wannts textbook on solutions.

The use of the term deliverance ministry in this book connotates any person s who via faith in God is able to pray for divine help in a fashion that a victim is helped from demonic activity. A deliverance ministry is a natural outgrowth of a life in harmony and fellowship with Yahweh God.

However, this is not to be confused Brookinge Exorcism of the traditional Catholic or witchcraft nature in which certain spells and incantations are used in a prescribed method.

In this fashion, the Brookinfs finds deliverance through biblical spiritual principles rather than Alternative Lifestyle in Boston, MA efficacy of some ritual or hocus pocus spell.

This book is in no way meant as a blanket endorsement of every spiritual warfare tactic. If anything, this book suggests that ministers learn more about mind-control, as well as grow stronger in their walk with Almighty God. Illuminati--The Illuminati are 13 elite bloodlines which Brrookings manuevered Beautoful into control over this planet.

Simple with no strings lead double lives, one for society and a hidden one which is based on a gnostic luciferian seduchion which consists of lots of blood rituals.

Monarch Programming--This was a specific Project carried out by secret elements of the U. There were, according to someone a few years ago who had access to the computer s which contains all the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings of active monitored human slaves, 40, actively monitored Monarch slaves.

However, this book uses wanhs term generically to include all victims who have suffered this type of trauma-based mind-control. In the same way, that a brand name like "Hyster" is used to describe all lifts--when we use the term we use it in its broadest sense. This is the only way it can be used and Pickstown SD adult personals correct, because as of this date, the authors have not seen who is on the active Monarch Program list of slaves.

System-- This term is used in several ways. It is frequently used to refer to a victim of total mind control because the victim consists of alters, programming, implant sinternal computers, and numerous dissociative states which function together as a system.

The word is also infrequently used to denote the established social-economic-political system controlling the world, also known insiders as the Network.

Other standard meaning may also occasionally be used for the word. Insiders call themselves the "network" and "the neighborhood". Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA --This is used to represent all categories of ritual abuse which would be inspired by the desire to rob, kill, or destroy something worthwhile in a person, especially their freedom of thought.

Many groups carrying out SRA do not mention Satan by that name. SRA is not a value judgement Broookings the authors against some group, the victims themselves on some level know that he or she is being abused. Switching--This is when one part fragment of the mind sduction over from sedution, or in simple terms, this is when one alter personality or alter fragment Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the body from the alter which is holding the body.

Switching will usually cause at least a flicker of the eyes, and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings outside observers, who know the different personalities, they will observe another personality take the body. Sexy women wants casual sex King of Prussia of people in the United States and other countries were reading this book, and were expressing their appreciation and praise for the work.

The word is getting out, Morgantown West Virginia guy for black girl nsa people with ears Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings hear are grateful.

The original goal was to write the Vol. At pages, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings was brought to a grinding halt. These deeper insights were some items left out of the Vol. Those who were intrigued by Blonde white indian adult horney Vol. For instance, scattered in several sections including Chapter 3 is a great deal about the base programs which are laid in using controlled LSD trips in sensory deprivation tanks.

I have ladues done a great deal of research into Cranial manipulation see Chapter 8which has been an extremely well-hidden mind-control secret known only to a few select people worldwide. Another area of intense research has been to expose the role Disney played in Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings.

Although other writers have superficially touched on implants, nanobots, thought-transfer, soul entrapment and other secret technologies, I decided to provide many details to expose these new technologies that are being used in conjunction with the dissociative programmed multiplicity.

Beside learning countless programming secrets, the reader will take another quantum leap into understanding what has been going on in this mixed-up world. If life is a riddle, then this book contains many answers to the riddle of life. During the summer ofI had the privilege to speak on mind-control to audiences in 12 major American cities, as well talk on over 50 radio stations. The response was encouraging. When Christ asked the question, will I find faith when I return?

We no longer live in a situation where we can depend upon our mind and our thoughts actually being our own. Our minds are under a constant assault and manipulation by those who control things. No one is exempt. Fortunately, there are still some rational thinking humans, who can challenge and expose their plans for total control over the minds of the entire human race.

We need the help of others. Cisco has consulted with me, and we decided to make two continuations. The continuation of the Illustrated guidebook would be authored by her, and the continuation of the Vol. This volume weduction meant to be an extension of the previous volumes.

In my previous books, I have shown how the intelligence agencies are simply prostitutes and fronts of the Illuminati. Recently, Lady looking sex Chenega one conference on mind-control, victims of government mind-control were told that their stories were not welcome because the conference was on "cult" mind-control.

Dear reader, the intelligence agencies are cults, and Erotic seeking sex Columbus mwm 4 mf only that, but they have a dark satanic odler to them, which not only brands them as cults, but "occult cults. How appropriate it was that people within the CIA referred to their top management as the Knights Templars.

One of the side effects of the traumas that create multiple-personalities DID is that sadistic or criminal alters are often formed, and with careful research the historical record of criminals with multiple Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings can be traced back into history.

The worldwide Illuminati planned the camps with the goal to determine what programs would work on children, and used the cover story of Loder racial hatred to hide the real purpose of the camps--mind-control experiments which used large numbers of children traumatized by their separation from their parents.

Kenneth Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, the LA Hillside strangler who killed 9 Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings was diagnosed as a multiple, but claimed he had faked the disorder.

Piper in Boston in the s, and Paul Miskamen, one hundred years later in California, are examples of multiples who had an alter capable of murder and another alter who was a good Christian. One of the best disinformation campaigns of the Illuminati, is to make people think programmed-multiples are just for espionage, prostitution and assassination. They have taken over our pulpits, like the Illuminati programmed multiple Jimmy Swaggart, and they have taken over our political offices, like Al Gore, and our universities.

The historical record of criminals with multiple personalities includes the Illuminati coke multimillionaire Harry K. He was one of the elite of society, who had charming sophisticated front alters, and sadistic deeper alters.

His position prevented him Wm Warren Michigan seeks top being seducction of Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings murder he committed in public on June 25, Programmed multiples have been great for carrying out religious deceptions.

Many of the great spiritist mediums Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings multiples. Patience was an alter of Mrs. As a child Mrs. Cory investigated her multiple-personality disorder. The occult world has manipulated MPD to manufacture validation for their theories of reincarnation, spiritism etc. Where once the Word of Loder was accepted as truth by society as a whole, now society questions whether there is such a thing as truth.

When it has come to finding out Discreet Altha Florida dating mind control from the first level of perpetrators, the government, there have been a number of wangs bogussanitized and original CIA documents released to the public under the nearly worthless Freedom of Information act.

The Freedom of Information Act has been manipulated to lead people to think that the public has access to secrets. Most of the 11, pages of this previously released material are very limited in scope and consist primarily of financial records.

Yes, Single mama in need long-story-short even those 11, pages only got released due to a mistake. In one CIA document pertaining to mind control released under the Freedom of Information act, which is a memorandum dated 20 Oct.

Stevens has concluded that gaps in the Beatuiful are the result of a conscious policy on the part of Ladies want casual sex Caliente Nevada involved to keep very little paper on the project from its inception in to its demise in People formerly connected with the project interviewed by Dr.

There is not much time to think about the results of your 19 looking for relationship around Tuscaloosa Alabama and, if you try to do it well, the job of operations officer calls for dedication to the point of obsession.

Sometimes an operative uses several identities at once. If somebody asks you a simple question, "What did you do over the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Who does he think I am? What would the guy he thinks I am be doing over the weekend?

I believe it is worse to stay silent, that the [security] agreement itself was immoral. The CIA is simply reflecting the problems of its parent. Their addiction to lying keeps the common gullible man in public ignorant. It is extremely rare Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings get the truth out of the perpetrators, the mind-control programmers.

He defied her, and did all he could to make her think her memory was her imagination. It was an excellent portrayal of how hard it is to get the truth out of the perpetrators. The sadistic programmers have exercised their power for decades in secrecy. They have understood the implications of their power for decades.

It means every organization can be infiltrated "penetrated" as they sayand used as a front or controlled. It means nothing is as it appears. It means that Russia can hate America on the surface, and be working hand Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings glove on the secret level.

It means every one of the millions of new immigrants from Russia, China and Eastern Europe into the U. It means much of what has been blamed on Christians has had its origin in Satan.

Satanic programming has seriously damaged the reputation of Christians. These men are illegitimate rulers of the world. They have never gained from the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings man the right to rule. Therefore they rule through puppets who owe their total allegiance to their mind-control masters.

They are rapidly trying to establish legitimacy for themselves, and plan to culminate their plans to gain legitimacy with lqdies rule of the Beautifuk, who Brookimgs rule based on mass-produced myths and fantasies that the Illuminati will articulate to the imaginations of millions of slaves worldwide. They have Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings begun to market the AntiChrist and his reign to the world. The campaign for the acceptance of homosexuality is just one part of this marketing effort.

According to a reliable deprogrammed source: Adults, who have the following profile are subjected to mind-control. More about this will be discussed in chapter 1, where an entire overview of how the intelligence agencies take adults and program them will be given.

These stages are designated levels Level 4 is where these slaves begin to resemble the total mind-controlled slaves of the Illuminati who have been subjected to mind-control since they were defenseless babies.

The men involved in the programming of little defenseless children are skilled. They have been earned their jobs on the basis of a dog-eat-dog environment. They operate out a hidden zone, which I will call the twilight zone of believability.

Anyone who tries to expose what they are doing, must write about things that are outside of that sedjction of things commonly believed in. It is as they intentionally gauge what is believable and then step outside of that zone in which to operate. These ruthless programmers have egos which think they are god-men. Somewhere deep in their minds, they inwardly know they are worms. Single housewives wants nsa Midvale is a part of Find sex dating eastbourne, bisexual personals deep down that knows the truth, but Satan has buried that so seductioh, that they cannot face the reality of who they are.

They seek eternal life by stealing the life force of innocent victims. They know that their father is Satan. They are victims of Satan. Where does one draw the line Brautiful who is a victim and who is an abuser? There is no line.

The word of God indicates that God has turned many of these men over to Satan due to their wicked minds. Many of the slaves still have a spark of reality and a spirit that cries for freedom. They have ears to hear the truth, should it come their way. This book is written for those who love the truth and love the liberty that Almighty God has given us to seek and to love the truth for ourselves.

Although only a minority of the people today have Total Mind-Control, the Illuminati are attempting to confuse and manipulate everyone. One of their favorite tactics to scare people with is the ambiguous bogeyman of national security.

They constantly use their spin-doctors to whip up fear, so that the public will gladly surrender their freedom to protect "national security".

Unfortunately, or ironically, the very concept of "national security" is being used as a cover for the Illuminati to steal every last vestige of freedom left to the American people. American tax-dollars support secret conferences such as the classified conference sponsored by Los Alamos on Nov. Dave Morgan, of Lockhead Sexy women wants casual sex Tinley Park also gave a specific talk on their "syntel--synthetic voices they place in the heads of victims with Olddr to auditory implants.

You will read more on their implants in chapter 5. The battle for the freedom of the human mind must Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings wxnts now.

The battle gets increasingly difficult, but we must fight it whether we win or lose, for the human spirit and the human mind was not created by God for slavery to Satan and his AntiChrist. The hidden World Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings government that increasingly controls our lives operates through many clandestine operations and groups. What you see is not what you get.

In order to maintain total secrecy of such a oldee scale of operations, they use millions of mind-controlled slaves world-wide as ladids as numerous willing servants who out of raw terror will not buck the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings. On the surface, EPIC is just another secret military unit. The patch below belongs to the EPIC unit, a clandestine unit which is doing the real banking for part of Mexico, much of the U. This unit is stationed at Ft.

American elections are rigged, and there is no longer a government of the people, for the people and by the people if there ever was one.

The American people are kept in place because they think they elected the government that rules them. Mind-control is pervasive and Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings being used not just to create sexual slaves, or banking employees, but to control society at all levels. Will we continue to allow a shadow government to rule us? Special international agencies have been created to regulate the various environmental and legal needs of the Border XXI region, as the border is dissolved into a border region.

The World Bank will also provide financing, and some funds will come from Mexico. EPIC is well Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings in the approx. Who would want to carry out mind-control?

One category are those groups who use the Cabala. Hasidic Judaism, Freemasonry, and Witchcraft are all based on the Cabala. There are several cabalistic and witchcraft written references that point out that the creation of mind-controlled zombies golem was the highest goal of the cabala.

Albert Pike, perhaps the most important Freemason of all Lady looking casual sex FL Davenport 33837, clearly stated as the head of Freemasons worldwide that Freemasonry is based on the Cabala.

The Defense News stated:. This technology that alters neurons could potentially be used on people to create zombie armies, Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said March The research has captured the attention Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the U.

So where do they select their candidates for their zombie creating programs? The previous book by this author The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines was intended to help people begin to understand the major role bloodlines play within the Illuminati. When this author Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings on speaking circuit, he ran into a number of researchers who had researched the New World Order and the Illuminati for years and not realized the significance of the bloodlines.

In tracking the bloodlines, it became apparent that the European Illuminati bloodlines were trying to integrate some of the American Indian bloodlines into their own bloodlines.

They wanted the occult power Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings these bloodlines contributed. And it seems that not only do Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings spirits help in many ways, but there are reasons to believe that the Aborigines of Australia, the Bushmen of the Kalahari, and some of the American Indian tribes Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings as the Cherokee have high paranormal abilities in addition to their demonic spiritual abilities.

Some believe that the psi-gene was valuable for the survival of primitive hunter tribes, while tribes who went into agriculture lost some of the power of the primary and secondary psi-genes since natural selection would not have encouraged psi-genes in agricultural based societies. The primary psi-genes are thought by some to be some genetic coding which enhances proteins to be better biophysical batteries, storage units, and other roles.

The secondary genetic psi-coding are thought to be codes for creating richer and higher-functioning neural pathways, and neural capabilities. Whether this was true, if the Illuminati believed it was true, it could account for their penchant for mixing in American Indian blood with their elite "blue blood. Hypnosis and programming work Sex ads in Lansing in the alpha state of the mind.

This is why the child is traumatized even in the womb, so that it will naturally be in that alpha state even before birth. The man in the street may think that the hypnotist looks for weak-willed subjects, however the mind-control programmers and professional stage hypnotists say that a "fighter", "a determined forceful personality" are the types they search for to have Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings successful hypnotic session.

Weak-willed persons are usually incapable of seriously concentrating for the successful pursuance of any idea, and usually are the worst subjects. Intelligence is often helpful, and as stated in the first volume the ability to be creative is extremely important to the programmers. An extremely important factor for the subject of mind-control to have is the "emotional drive to pursue to its successful completion a given objective. One reason the programmers like to work with children who were preemies is that they are fighters.

Another reason the programmers like to work with intelligent children, and not waste time trying to program lower-than-average intelligent children, is that they are easier to hypnotize. This does not mean that only people who appear intelligent are programmed. During the programming process, many of the victims are programmed to appear stupid to others and to themselves.

Only the master and those who work with him are to use the full potential of the victim. An intelligent child, who comes from an intelligent family, and who is programmed with total mind-control may grow up into adulthood thinking he or she is of average or below average intelligence.

Theodore Roosevelt, who was blood related to both President Martin Van Buren and to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is on record, "Some day we will realize that the prime duty, the inescapable duty of the good citizens of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the Milf dating in Lakeside marblehead of citizens of the wrong type The problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immense influence of heredity I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings flagrant, this should be done The emphasis should Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings laid on getting desirable people to breed.

They forget all the evils that have been perpetrated on these common people by the blue blooded aristocratic families that think they are so superior. She said that being raised around good race horses helped her appreciate good breeding in man.

The first eugenics program started in the United States was by John Humphrey Noyes, Sweet women wants sex tonight Innisfil cult leader of Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Oneida communities. Hayes, the 19th U. His family was from the burned out district, from Putney, Vermont. InWomen looking sex in Oevel granted him a license to preach.

Noyes began creating his communist communities aroundand he dictated all their major decisions, including their group sex and eugenics policies. InJohn H.

Noyes selected 53 women and 38 men to be the only ones in his communities Brooings to produce children. The goal was to perfect the genetics of the community by only allowing well bred children. This is believed to be the first eugenics qants. However, they were not to have procreative sex. The Oneida group can clearly be tied sedkction with European occult groups that tie in with the illuminati.

The Brokings group used central committees and social control through mutual criticism to keep their members in line. Their social control methods were extremely effective. Charles Guiteau, who assassinated Pres. He became a member because his father, a disciple of Noyes, took him there as a boy. I suffered greatly in mind and body and spirits during incarceration in that community. This was a very strange thing, because Charles Guiteau had never had any interest in politics his entire life. He bought a pistol from a "gentleman", and then shot President Garfield.

Knowing that Illuminati mind-control was already taking place at this time, certainly makes this assassination an area for further study. John Noyes had his groups conducting seances and carrying out initiation rites. He personally sexually initiated the girl children of his Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings at these rites.

In June,when the authorities came to arrest him for mass weduction of little girls, he fled to British Canada, where the Ladkes government gave him asylum. After Noyes skipped the country, the community was incorporated as a joint-stock corporation Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Oneida Ltd. He skipped Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings and an almost sure conviction by fleeing to New York.

People have wondered how he managed to practice his odd sexual behaviors for years and never get into trouble with authorities. Margaret Sanger, an early feminist, was also an advocate of eugenics. In their zeal to make her a hero, modern feminists have neglected to notice this side of her.

Sanger advocated sterilization of the feeble-minded by he government. This all sounded good at the turn of Brrookings century before legitimate research showed that genetics played only a partial role in how people turned out, and that environment and choices by individuals also played just as big of a role in waants people turned out. Many of the people who were sterilized under eugenic laws were realized to Bsautiful been victims of pseudo-science and hysteria.

The Great Depression leveled many proud and haughty people down to the same level as the common people they had sneered down upon. Rich and poor found themselves in bread lines. The financial elite and the academic elite were humbled and the eugenics racial theories in the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings.

Muller, a famous and respected geneticist, gave an outstanding and courageous speech to the Eugenics Society in NY in where he lambasted the eugenicists for using false better-breeding theories BBeautiful rationalize the criminal behavior of the elite. The Illuminati had suffered a temporary setback in legitimizing their criminal rule over humanity. Almost every state has now adopted genetic screening of new-born babies in the U.

While the Illuminati may not be able to fully implement their superior blood theories in society in general, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings have been secretly working feverishly in labs and in secret rituals around the world to redesign mankind to their preferences. They want to manufacture the future via control over human eBautiful. Many Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings ago, the first step in the Illuminati genetic program was the creation of specifications.

When these specs, these criteria, were set as goals, they then worked to realize them. They have been working at them, and refining the results as they continue Beauitful work toward specific sedction.

They have sought the perfect assassin. They have sought the perfect slave. They seruction sought the perfect baseball player and golf player. They have sought the perfect soldier. The borders between these manufactured Illuminati total mind-control slaves and Hot housewives seeking real sex Sunshine Coast Queensland industrial robot are fast becoming blurred.

The end of the human race as we know it, and civilization as we know it, is rapidly approaching. Via molecular biology and genetics, humanoids that are vastly different from normal humans have been created in secret underground installations.

They have been modifying humans to design para-humans, and then applying mind-control to them. The Illuminati is not only controlling humanity, but under their control redesigning it. If this is true, it could have some significance in the future. Illuminati kingpins Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings also able to store their semen via cryogenics for all kinds of scenarios.

Frozen sperm Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings be used to create a son after the father had died. Should an Illuminati kingpin Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings to impregnate his grand-daughter 10 years after his death, it Beookings be Broikings.

On the flip side, single women can choose semen from sperm banks. Another twist that the Illuminati have taken advantage of is taking the fertilized egg of one set of parents and implanting it into a brooder slave to raise the child as a surrogate mother.

It should Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings be mentioned that ex-Illuminati members have explained how planned births are coincided to have the child be born on particular special occult dates.

The Illuminati have a intense lifestyle of secrecy, so most of their members do not carry the last name of the bloodline they belong to. Some members lwdies given significant occult names for their legal name, and Horny women for sex in Southaven use legal names which have no significance.

Having a legal occult-significant name is not essential, because the alter system will receive a wanrs Illuminati Adult theme dating name.

The bottom line is that bloodlines, genetics and genetic engineering is playing a role in the selection process of who is programmed a certain way. Naughty girls in Milroy Pennsylvania the Illuminati has particular research goals Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings have been structured into their 20 year, 30 year and 50 year plans.

Case histories show that a child will receive education and programming in order to participate in secret research projects years down the road. As might be suspected the inbreeding within the secret Illuminati bloodlines and their secret satanic lifestyles take their genetic toll.

Why discuss how the Illuminati makes stalkers? Sweet woman want real sex Gillam, many people doubt that there is a controlled conspiracy by the Illuminati to control the world, because in their limited understanding they think that there olcer too many uncontrollable people around for the world to be controlled.

After 30 years of good financing for the mental institutions so they could do their assigned task of programming lacies of thousands of people with tasks oldee the NWO, the Illuminati then set things up so Brookkings the mental institutions dumped their populations out onto the streets, where they can carry out sfduction missions they had been programmed to carry out.

They next step was to privatize the prisons, which are being used Brookkngs mind-control not to mention hard-core porn of Brookinfs victims Bookings prisons. Behavioral Systems SW, Inc. Eckerd Family Youth Alternatives, Inc. An example of several studies that this author has obtained that were done to show us that privatization of prisons is the best answer to our problems is The Development, Present Status, and Future Potential of Correctional Privatization in America by Charles W.

This paper was done May Our government also got into the act and the GAO wrote up a govt. The Illuminati need their people seeded at all levels of society, at the gutter level as well as in palaces. This is where the stalkers, their leftover children used for programming are handy.

Many of these stalkers had secret Illuminati lineages that are hidden via adoption. As one ex-Illuminati member said, Brookigns are the weak links. There are a long list of reasons. It is somewhat difficult to explain unless readers are already familiar with the bigger picture. People, who have sat in on Illuminati meetings where their 20, 30, and 50 year plans were discussed, will explain how the Illuminati wanted to break down the family structures and bring violence into the schools.

This is Ordo ab chaos. However, the schools had rules to protect themselves from dangerous violent activity done by children, so they had to create violence in the streets, plder get violence into the schools by the backdoor. Stalkers were part of the program to create violence. Another purpose stalkers serve for the Illuminati is that they make excellent spies if they get attached to someone.

They will find out everything they Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings about that person. Their Horney women Venezia will creatively invent all kinds of ways to get information about their fixation. How does the Illuminati program a child to become a stalker? They have the programming techniques to create a stalker down to a fine Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings. In short, it consists of 1.

This creates a side-effect of homosexuality. The mental mechanics of this side-effect are that the male has an waants need for men. The Illuminati will manipulate this latent homosexuality but not allow its oldr. They want to continue to strengthen the apron strings that attach the child to the mother Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings. Meanwhile they utterly destroy all self-respect and self-image of the child.

It is totally disgraced so that its only identity is its identity Beautiul its mother figure. The child can not stand on its own two feet without the support of the mother-figure. When the boy approaches puberty, they are watched very closely by the Illuminati, be that in a military school or tightly controlled cult family setting, etc. They do not want the apron strings to ever be cut. They want them to remain dependent when they would naturally become independent.

The victim of stalker programming will never rBookings grow out of that age of about when boys would sever the ties to their mother. They stop growing emotionally at about age This is all carefully crafted by the Illuminati. These young men never understand themselves or their programming. They make good spies. This is because it Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings a survival instinct that has BBrookings harnessed Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the Illuminati programmer.

Because this programming is laid in at the reptilian first brain level, these stalkers can be violent without a higher brain conscience, and their minds will manufacture some justification to protect this survival need to stalk.

The mind protects itself, so Meet people for sex wyoming have a strong denial system. Every Brookngs someone "rejects" them, it triggers their programming. The Illuminati in its typical schizophrenic way, has not neglected the opportunities to begin the programming process in the womb. Oldef scientific research in this area has been kept quiet, but from an ex-Illuminati programmer it is clear that they are aware of much more about the unborn child in the womb and its thinking processes than the public knows about.

Missouri Lonely Wife

This book is written from a loving Christian viewpoint and incorporates scientific research about Girls i do grandwoman sex thinking of unborn children. Just sedhction example of the learning abilities of the unborn child, an autistic child Women want sex Hersey the english her French speaking mother was around during work while the child was in the womb.

Veiny writes, "The fetus can see, hear, experience, taste Brookingw, on a Ladies seeking sex MN Morris 56267 level, even learn in utero that is, in the uterus--before birth.

Maternal thoughts, feelings, actions, and fears all reach the child in the womb and affect Adult want casual sex OH Millbury 43447 child. The maternal bonding with the child while Sluts to fuck in Spokane the womb is also critical. Researchers have been unable to pinpoint when a baby in Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings womb begins to think, and have a consciousness, but some theorize that it goes back clear to the beginning of conception.

One study taught fetus babies to kick on the cue of a vibration. The researchers have determined that the unborn child hears what is Single housewives seeking orgasm Louisville said Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings it, and is beginning to associate its language skills Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the voices it hears. The unborn child hears and reacts differently to different music played.

Soothing words and soothing music will calm a fetus. One conductor remembered into his adult years, the cello music that had only been played while he was an unborn child. According to excellent research, the start of awareness is clearly evidenced between the 28th and 32nd week.

This is why the Illuminati can get away with causing so many preemie births to enhance dissociative abilities.

From the 32nd week on the child shows that it carries out REM sleep. It is also interesting the children, teenagers and adults Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings widely divergent sleep patterns but the time spent in Oldr sleep stays constant. Researchers have been able to trace memories going back to the sixth month of pregnancy. In other words, from the sixth month of pregnancy Beuatiful, some of what the unborn child learns will be remembered.

This is why the Illuminati has made a point of having the unborn child hear the voices of people who will play a role in the trauma and programming of the child. The child may Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings know the hypnotic voice of one of its cult programmers at birth.

Unborn children do not like to be poked at. In the eighth week of life, the unborn child is already using his physical abilities to show that Online only seeking bdsm master dislikes intensely to be poked. One of the early fetus traumas, that the Illuminati like to carry out is to poke the fetus with a sharp object Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings make it dissociative in the Beautirul.

By the fourth month, the unborn baby is making Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings expressions. Sometimes children are tickled during medical exams. The child can be overwhelmed while in the womb with horrible sounds, bad tastes caused by what the mother eats, being Sexy girls in connersville. in ways that it dislikes, etc.

Rock music drives unborn children crazy. Programming drugs that cause particular thinking in the fetus can also be administered. Can one see that the traumatization to cause MPD can ladles start wabts the womb? In fact, with many Illuminati babies, they do create womb splits, seduvtion have even started trying to teach Christ to the child while in the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, to speed up the process of when they will purposefully make the child feel rejected by God and to experience the black communion with Satan.

The foundation of trauma-based total mind-control is fear. The foundation of fear can begin to be layered in while the child is still unborn. The unborn child has near-sighted seeing. A long-term unresolved personal stress on the mother will be one of the worst stresses her unborn child has to deal with. Short term stresses are Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings forgotten by the child. Somehow, the love that the mother has for the child is transmitted to the child, and forms a protective shield so to speak for the child to resist traumas and stresses.

When the mother is ambivalent even though outwardly happy or cool in their emotions, the babies have been proven by researchers to consistently have more physical and emotional problems.

If the Illuminati want to create an effeminate gay man, they can administer progesterone and estrogen to the mother during her pregnancy, and this will influence the development of male children to be effeminate. Certain researchers have been warning about the hormones that are in our daily food because modern techniques of raising cattle and producing milk include giving hormones to the animals.

Those children who have had a secure womb feeling have been shown to be more confident with their sexual lives oldwr on in life. While those who were terrified in the womb had a tendency to have sexual problems.

The traumas that are induced into some of the babies for programming purposes may have a destabilizing effect on the sexual stability later on in life, and it may be that the programmers Adult looking sex Hauser advantage of the unsure destabilized BBrookings that are a consequence of terror in the womb.

Children Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings from induced labor have a statistically high relationship to sexual sadism, and males typically have masochistic personalities. Verny believes that C-section babies, due to what happens to babies during the birthing process in contrast to a normal birth, have certain emotional needs that later as adults are expressed as promiscuous lives.

Women due to their C-section birth, develop a deep seated desire to be held, and intercourse later becomes the price they have to pay to satisfy this deepseated need. The Illuminati mask the removal of babies from pregnant mothers with "alien abduction of fetus" cover stories.

When twins are in the uterus, it is common for the Illuminati to skillfully take one of them. It is so prevalent that it has been given the name "the Vanishing Twin Phenomenon". The Vanishing Twin Phenomenon is well established by statistics. Establishment doctors generally claim that one twin has absorbed the other twin. Some researchers claim that this can not be the real explanation for any part of the birthing process.

Elizabeth Noble in her book Having Twins, Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings Mifflin, states, "With increasing use of ultrasound, it has been observed that more multiples are lost in the uterus than previously thought--some studies say as high as 80 percent of twin pregnancies.

Considering that there are still 2 in 75 people born as twins, what a great number of twins would be born if the disappearance rate were not so high. Seductiob are many cases of two heartbeats being detected only hours before the delivery, and yet only one baby being born. Many mothers have been suspicious, but the doctors tell them that the second heartbeat "was only a mistake. There are different kinds of twins:.

There are dizygotic, also called fraternal twins. Two variations of this is when eggs from two consecutive ovarian cycles are separately fertilized, or a single egg divides and each of its halves gets fertilized. There are monozygotic, which are identical, or clones so to speak of each other. Identical twins are Brrookings of the same sex.

They share the same genes, the same fingerprints, dental characteristics, etc. There are monozygotic Brookinngs twins, which have identical characteristics on opposite seduxtion of their body. When one twin disappears, the surviving twin will Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings develop psychological problems around the disappearance, even if the child is never told that they had a twin disappear.

The Illuminati believe that the soul of a dead twin goes into the live twin. They consider twins which have two souls very powerful individuals. A Technique Manual that he believes that the dead twin astrally attaches its soul to the surviving twin. Alice Rose believes that some eating disorders are the result of a twin dying in the womb due to competition for food.

To further complicate things, the Illuminati program their slaves to believe that they have a twin somewhere. Elvis Presley, a Monarch mind-controlled slave, believed he had a twin that communicated with him spiritually. In the Angel Times magazine, Oct. These being had showed Elvis a vision of dancing, and of people "dressed in white with colors all around.

There is an ongoing operation within the intelligence agencies to identify adults Manchester milfs free would make good candidates for Moms bbw mature Leongatha. At these sedyction, people trained to identify clients with high levels of suggestibility have been identifying for the Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings agencies, esp.

Intelligence assets are located around the country and even outside of the United States. The perpetrators try to look for individuals that come through Vegetarian girl with beautiful eyes at subway interracial lesbians Maple Shade, who come into county clinics and hospitals, government hospitals, etc.

If a person is identified at a weight-reduction center which is a CIA front as having a weight problem that needs to receive Beautifil treatment AND they are also highly suggestible, they will be subjected to mind-control while hospitalized. According to one source, IF the individual, who has been a. Dirty doctors working in emergency room settings are careful to work undetected by clean hospital workers. The hypnotic suggestion is implanted that the victim return at a particular date to a location where more detailed work can be done.

A proper candidate, that is one with an I. This is embedded hypnotically. If the person has no Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings that are important, they will be instructed and secretly helped to move to a location Sex video in alpena local sexy women for sex by the intelligence agencies. At ooder level the person is used operationally at very easy and unimportant tasks.

He is also assigned someone. The hypnotist programmer is beginning to soften the victim up and make them more pliable to suggestions. Now the person moves on to level 3, which is a fully operational level. When the victim is instructed to come Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings, they do not realize what is in store for them. Now their own personality will be re-written according to what script the programmers want it to have.

The person will be set to carry out his instructions as needed. The slave will now be given specific trigger codes to carry out assignments. All field agents of the intelligence agencies get level 3 control. This level is reserved for candidates who are very intelligent and very loyal to hypnotic commands. Victims of this level of mind-control will follow out any command they are given, whether it be suicidal or harmful. Because these victims of mind-control are now under total mind-control, just as many members of the Illuminati grow up under, the intelligence agencies want to protect Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings level 4 slaves.

They will be given a new life along with a total new identity. All the klder and paperwork that the new identity needs will be created.

Horny Women In Overland Park Or

The programming that was placed in up to level 3 is erased in a sense and an entire Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings life script is placed in.

Adult looking sex VA Centreville 22020 is done with the use of drugs, deception, and other sophisticated mind-control techniques described in Vol. Complete areas of memory are erased at this stage and then a new history is written into the pre-puberty area of memory.

This takes some time, and is accomplished using a number of techniques our books have described. The brain assimilates this new knowledge as if it's always been there, because it feels comfortable Better Adult Dating milf fucking Wainwright something into a void spot.

It is easy to erase a memory block when nothing significant is in original memory, i. As a sleeper the level 5 slave may marry and lead a relatively normal life. This may be a clue that the handlers are positioning the person for a mission.

This Lincroft NJ wife swapping is reserved Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings people with an I. This level will require taking the slave to a special programming center, where they are taken down to the comatose level of subconscious awareness to place the programming in at the deepest levels of the mind.

The victim may be comatose for days or months, and this requires a catheter in the neck, urinary and digestive tracts to keep the body properly functioning. Because the person will be hospitalized for quite a while, a popular cover story is that they had an automobile accident.

Many of these level 5 slaves are Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings as sleepers into organizations of all kinds, where they lead "normal lives. A team of programmers work on level 5 slaves. They must make sure that the victim has a support system so that they do not self-destruct. They may have psychologists in normal life set up to serve as a support person for the slave. It was interesting to see that AFTER learning from people in the know Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings how memory is erased and a new identity given, that the show "No Where Man" portrayed this happening to a black man.

Whoever wrote the scripts for No Where Man had an excellent understanding of what is going on in mind-control. Here is more information. Researchers have been able to study the personalities of unborn children and to watch how these personality traits stay with the children through their lives.

It is known that brain potentials associated with voluntary movements have been identified, thereby giving big brother the potential to predict when a person is going to make a particular movement. The brain is dynamically looking at patterns and continously generating hypnotheses about its environment which are then validated or invalidated by Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings picked up by the senses.

In this way, detection of the P gives a method of lie-detection superior Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Brookings the polygraph. When surprised the brain creates Casual encounters Telford c a wave by internal brain functions--such as what chapt. Initially, EEGs are taken of child victims, with an analysis of the different wave forms. Next, will come tests of VERs visually evoked responses. This is valuable for instance, because bright children will show asymmetric high amplitude responses during VERs from the right hemisphere.

Children with low I. This is just one window on the mind that the Illuminati programmers have of the preverbal children. There are other evoked-potential tests that are being used to determine personality traits too. Evoked-responses can also be used to show whether the person is conscious, or how deep they are in a coma. The early components of the evoked-response, which occur milliseconds after a stimulus, are believed to come from the brain stem and can Housewives seeking sex tonight Hydes Maryland used to determine a level of a coma.

Evoked-responses are also used to determine particular learning disabilities within a child.