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Very few things could lure me out bordfrs the fugue-state of finishing a novel, but a note that I received yesterday from a reader sent me into full-on rant mode:. This strikes me as making the book harder to find for interested readers.

Many thanks to the reader, who asked to remain anonymous, for letting me quote her. And also thanks to her for caring enough to ask how I felt about this.

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It is a lucky author who has such readers. But at the risk of pissing off some AAF-section proponents, let me be really really blunt here. I hate that it exists. I hate that it was ever deemed necessary. I hated it as a reader, long before I ever got published. You write about black people, among others. And the next person who rolls tlme in my blog talking about where black readers, Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore, or characters belong is going to get popped in the mouth.

OK, wait, I need to calm down a little.

Gotta get back to my happy, professional place. Which should, IMO, at least be a prerequisite for being in that section. The closest racial analogue for the Darre, if they were in our world, would be South American Indian, specifically Inka. And black people only write about black people, right? I blacl why this section exists — because the publishing industry rather notoriously would tiem publish books by or about black people until the sunless those books were deemed of sufficient interest to white readers.

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So black readers had to rely on word-of-mouth — which, pre-internet, was actually kind of limiting. At least not in the case of human beings.

That was okay, though, because many of the stories were universal enough that I loved them anyway. Got a book to write, today. Or whatever the industry thought ex-cons looked like.

And some black readers were grateful for the attention, after so long a time of neglect. This is a completely illogical, frankly asinine assumption — what, were we all sitting around playing with our Dick and Jane s before that? I am ashamed to say Women looking for sex Washburn North Dakota many black publishers and authors were happy to cater to these assumptions, because there was money to be made.

Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore has perpetuated the problem. Now, let me be clear: You might discover something new and cool.

As a result of this old and new racism, the AAF section of today is mostly just a constricted, homogenizing ghetto. The folks who would be interested in one are highly unlikely to be interested in the other. But that is precisely what happened to her, because her book got shelved in the Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore section Daughter s friend fantasy. Worse, any bordrrs or library that does this is, IMO, perpetuating the same racist assumptions that caused this problem in the first place.

When our existence was confirmed, black readers were then assumed to be strange ducks, Not Like The Rest Of Us in taste or discernment, fundamentally alien — or Other — in our intelligence and thought processes.

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And black writers — despite having written mainstream books for generations — were assumed to be incapable of writing for anything blwck than this strange, alien audience. Even if we did.

That little racism logic fail issue I mentioned, again.

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The worst racism is perpetuated not through intent, but through thoughtless, unquestioning adherence to old, bad habits.

We need to ask whether they hurt more than they help. So back to my point.

Not unless you want to hurt my career. And not unless you think that nothing written by a black person should ever be bladk by anyone non-black.

For book 3, the protagonist is a god who looks Southeast Asian, and the other main characters are a mixed-race girl passing as white, and a mixed-race boy too dark-skinned to pass. But something like that will not happen until the aliens arrive…. I share your frustration and will be checking my hometown library to see what nonsense they have created.

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The novel I am working on is populated entirely by brown people. Because of course, since my characters are brown, they cannot possibly have the same fears, desires, interests, and motivations as pink people.

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This kind of thinking has to stop. I spend too much time talking about Horny girls Tarbet ca to describe characters of color — including white people — in non-faily ways to let that one slide. But — in defense of librarians — there are complicating factors here that have to do with you just grouping all of publishing, Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore and library curating into a huge blob.

Yes, the publishing industry has deeply-held recist assumptions. If you saw my skin, you might change your mind about the grub thing… I would not look at all out of place under a rock. I was going to ask them to stock some Virginia Hamilton, you, Nnedi Okorofor, and some other stuff, but your points are really persuasive.

An AA bookstore is a different matter. I have no problem whatsoever with AA bookstores because Housewives looking casual sex Reynolds North Dakota coexist along with mainstream bookstores, and I can be stocked in both.

That said, your point about the AAF section originally being very different is very well taken. In a Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore, it supports my point. I can remember, when I was younger, that the AAF section was subject -related. Books were shelved there based on whether they had something to do with AfAm history, politics, cooking, scholarship.

And this kind of shelving — by subject, not by the race of the author Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore characters — makes perfect sense to me. Shelf space is just too valuable. I know it happens here that if the Fiction book selectors buy a science fiction or fantasy, it takes a lot bookwtore work to actually get it into that section. Natural characters, like natural people, are born into their skin colors and grow into their personalities over time.

Name That Book | Romance - from historical to contemporary | LibraryThing

Contrived characters, on the other hand, are forced into a skin color and stuck in a molded personality that is difficult, if not impossible, to reshape. I understand people stories, and the colors as well as a multitude of other descriptors are one detail of the whole.

When I am browsing, which is to say when I am not shopping for a specific book, I am a slave to Single contractor 55 likes sex — both good and bad — because I have no other basis for making a decision, no information. And, reasonable minds differ, so the chances that the person who determines shelving and the author Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore the reader will all naturally shelve books identically seem rather slim.

One of the points you made well is that classifications should not be swx on the details within the story but according to some overarching characteristic, like genre or theme. I can see, maybe, having a special section for books dealing directly with the AA experience, but to just chuck all fiction by AA authors on one shelf regardless of genre?

Put books in the main categories they represent.

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If they fall into more than one area, why not cross-tag? Meta-tag, cross-tag, and provide computer searches for people who are interested. If bordfrs did stock in Lonely woman seeking nsa Greater Sudbury areas, that would be fine, but to stock in one and leave out bordwrs the other… bad idea.

At one of my local-ish libraries there Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore branches for two city and two county systems within ten miles of my home—luckythere are AAF stickers on some of the books in the SF section. They are an eye-catching orange. African-American librarian here, recent library school graduate.

This involves metadata tagging for publications in recorded, Braille, and large print format to amke items more easily found in an online catalog used by sighted, partially sighted, and blind boorders.

A quick comparative check of online catalogs should have resulted in the Austinville IA sexy women being cataloged by content and genre. The bookstore I work bordeers has an African American fiction section. And if it makes you feel any better, I sold a customer copy the other day.

Recently, an author from AAF was moved to fiction.

My first thought was how did they escape and Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore their freedom papers. Ironically it was an author who does will in that section. I used to Ctue AA lit separate but not now with all the urban lit.

The debate about AAF section will go on forever. Or at least splitting the latter so that the books are in both places. However, two copies of a title girll section usually catches the eye of a customer quicker then one. I even got the city references! Haha, I tried so hard before I had to give those up. That and common S. Maybe the context mitigated the dichotomy somewhat.

As Saladin rightly pointed out here in the comments, once upon a time the AAF section was valuable. It was a good place to find books about AfAm history, books about slavery or the Civil Rights movement, Horny women in Kilbourne, IL, songbooks, books about black art forms e.

So I think the AAF Cute black girl time sex arab borders bookstore arqb value in and of itself. You work in Brooklyn? Are you at the main branch? I go there all the time; I live near Prospect Park.

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Until it gets stuffed full of street lit crap and becomes a dumping ground for black authors whether their work should be there or not. And yes, the kiosks would be fantastic. Just putting up a list would work too.