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So let's give it another try.

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How to drive a woman crazy with pleasure.

Rapist is totally frigid. Laughter- Get better faster The scientific symbolism of prehistoric civilization - Cabala and I Ching's logic. This area at the base of the penis can be stimulated in various ways.

Through the penis' "little tube" the urethra. It is possible to stimulate the L-spot by making an inhalation. Our female ancestors naturally moved their vaginal muscles by producing an inhalation during sex.

This explains why the Free online Sublimity sex is located where it is.

Today few women are aware of their vaginal muscles and so it's difficult that the L-spot is stimulated normally during sexual intercourse. The same effect can however be attained through oral sex.

By sucking rhythmically that is, sucking and then stopping, repeating the act in rapid succession you can very well stimulate Free online Sublimity sex L-spot.

In fact, it's possible to make a man reach orgasm just by sucking him, placing the lips on the tip of the penis, as if it were a straw, without otherwise touching it.

Obviously, it's not the same for everyone and the sucking should not be too forceful. Be careful not to overdo it, it can be irritating.

It should then be said that it would be Sublimitt to continue the inhalation even during ejaculation. In fact, the orgasm from L-spot is longer than the orgasm from the stimulation of the sensitive spot under the glans the male clitoris.

It would be a pity interrupting pleasure by stimulating with a gentle and deep massage the area of the perineum, between the joining of the Free online Sublimity sex the sack that contains the testicles and the anus. It's possible to stimulate the L-spot through anal stimulation. This explains, among other things, why homosexuals can reach orgasm through anal penetration or why many men enjoy being penetrated Sublimoty a finger during sexual intercourse.

Up to a while ago, it was assumed it was a capacity for the prostrate gland. In fact, how can this type of deep orgasm be reached with the method of Free online Sublimity sex and perineal massage if the centre is located in the prostate, which is reachable only through the anal sexx.

If you have some doubts on the subject, try the experiment of sucking the tip of the penis and you will verify the point. Sometimes it Skblimity difficult to prove an obvious biological truth when in front of you have a sexologist who was seventeen years old the last time he had Free online Sublimity sex close encounter with sex and didn't like it.

A minimum of experience as part of one's qualifications should be considered essential in this profession. What they never told you about sex Zen and the art of fucking The ABC of Sex.

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