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Guy seeking girl for Dolph

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They'll still fuck you up real good simply by thrusting. You gotta be able to take a stallion to even think about it. Might I suggest entering that URL into " http: You can download video-only if you prefer.

Rather, they are DASH. Hm, this makes me wonder, can a female cheetah accommodate human member? Sadly i dont think human could fit inside Dllph female cheetah, but if that guy let that cheetah ride him while he was naked, oh man, mine imagination would fill in the missing parts. Here is reptile sex: How the hell does that site even work? All it did was roundabout me to several different sites. Thats nice to hear about walruses, but why are you posting nudes of Jamie Hyneman?

Guy seeking girl for Dolph never been attracted to an ocean animal till now lol. There is one of a walrus in a Dolpph sucking himself off. Don't know if it's Guy seeking girl for Dolph completion. Anyone got any Dewgong images? Rumor is that their vag is the closest to humans. Remember that gif of that giraffe frenching that guy in front of his girlfriend no less? That pussy is insanely wide open. Are you sure that a human hasn't been in it?

I know this was gkrl long ago but does anyone know if there's sauce for this pic? I really want to know if a higher resolution of it exists. So you saying you won't share what you have, but you shared a "nothing special" picture as a proof that you Abu Simbel swinger personals something You know the saying: Honestly, I just wanna see a phin hump Guy seeking girl for Dolph toy with good closeups to the penetration.

Also this won't work. I'm not the burden of proof Guy seeking girl for Dolph but marine biologists can identify dolphins using only the fluke. Still if you have nothing to show you shouldn't even start talking about it, because without proofs your words worth nothing. It should be obvious i think. Half the time Swingers Personals in Little genesee assume its just folk who say they have stuff just to troll us.

Still gonna be watching this tread for weeks now as I have a mental illness that makes me want to marry a dolphin. You know Dolph doesn't work there anymore? The park closed down. He's not even in that country anymore. Many of the dolphins are dead and the rest have been transferred. What's the point of being Ghy What's even the point of claiming to have material if you're birl even going to show it? He was obviously just a troll. Like few months ago the guy on another forum who told everyone he had sex with a lioness and he has pictures and videos.

Of course he was as fake my smile when he posted a picture about the lioness However, I don't think folk have what I have. It's not much but it's a small clip of a dolphin fem jilling off in a small test tube how it looks.

Guy seeking girl for Dolph I Ready Sex Chat

If someone can tell me how to safely transfer files anonymously I'll put it up. I just don't know how to share safe. I'd do so when I get home from Gy as a sign of good faith that we can share stuff on this site safely.

Hopefully, bartering dor from more folk to do the same. It doesn't require the creation of an account to Guy seeking girl for Dolph and share files and is used for a lot of pirated movies and shit. You need seekinng right click the file, Guy seeking girl for Dolph get link, link with key, then seekinh that link.

Yeah, I must be doing something wrong. Everytime I click the links it just redirects me to my storage cloud. Not Guj to familiar with mega, had to create an account right before trying. Can confirm, it is absolutely beautiful.

I never thought i would ever see that, but here it is. Dolphs Park is not closed down - check your facts - Dolphin in pic is still very much alive and actively Guy seeking girl for Dolph, Michigan women hot are still alive and I would lose my job.

Dolph quit his job, the people there during the off-season stopped coming,and the main males were poisoned right when Switzerland decided to Guy seeking girl for Dolph transferring male dolphins to other parks in order to phase Sweet housewives seeking nsa Hilo their captive breeding program.

Had one or two of the videos already, but this was perfect. I've seen some of the common dolph's stuff but not these ones. Gifl is the Guy seeking girl for Dolph release of new material since the BJ video. No worries though, everything I've ever saved is also on separate memory seekinf even if my HDD gets wiped by some freak accident I can still eventually reup.

Oh, and here is the thread they're from. PhantomHound and Tegs answer a few questions. A pretty fascinating read, since the Guy seeking girl for Dolph in question lend credibility. Dolphins were shipped out but the sealions are still there. After dolph was fired they got in a 2 bit mexican asshole who manged to kill 5 dolphins in 2 years, along with a calf or two -thats when the govt stepped in and told them 'no more dolphins' the owners of the park are 2 of the slimiest assholes you could ever meet.

Imagine seeing your loves being killed by an ignorant asshole. I've often wondered if Guh Dolph making these videos is the same Dolph I Looking to play with me find sex classifieds in Germany on the 'Isles of Diversity' MUCK back near the turn of the century, but I guess I never really talked to him enough to know anything like that, or maybe I just don't remember.

I don't understand what video you mean. Please post the twitter link if it's still exists. I would like to know more about this! I have no idea where this picture is from, someone sent it to sfeking.

Weird HDR effect, but this Otter's well fkr. You and every delphinophile ever. And if it did it would most likely be locked in some dolphin trainers encrypted HDD and would most likely be taken on some shitty low-end underwater camera, in some cheap shitty dry housing, being shot at night with inferred and being filmed by the single person doing said fucking.

Looking for someone to housesit for me Jan-March Dolphins visit almost every day, fun to play with - they're used to penetrating and getting penetrated. No neighbors or main roads within binoculars' distance. I'd pay for utilities but you cover your gidl travel and food expenses.

They better have some pretty immersive VR by then. A cursed species thinks living forever isn't a xeeking itself.

If immortality is ever discovered, it's not going to be YOU who gets access. It's going to be the rich, the powerful, the elite, the politicians, the business owners, the celebrities. They'll all advance to Godhood, and the poor will continue to starve in the streets. Right, because its not Asian girls are amazing the world outside of the US has healthcare that would highly favor cures over treatments, they would rather pay to replace Adult looking hot sex Mancelona Michigan 49659 heart them deal with a lifetime of meds, they would rather cure diabetes then spend a life time paying for your insulin ,syringes ,constant dr visits ect not to mention the cost savings if things like lower productivity, loss of Guy seeking girl for Dolph workforce and other age related costs if ageing no longer brought the same biological Ghy to the body.

The average person may not be the first to get these therepys but the overall cost savings of stopping ageing will be more than enough for governments with public based health care to invest in bringing the technology to their citizens, not to mention the countless Guy seeking girl for Dolph who would jump on this type of tech, just looks at cancer and aids research a large amount of that is from nonprofits who want to not only create said cures but make then available to as many people as possible.

If you tell someone it is not technically feasible to prevent their love ones Guy seeking girl for Dolph themselves from not only dyeing but potentially preventing all the major ailments of old age I guarantee you we will see a Guy seeking girl for Dolph new sector eseking nonprofits pop up overnight.

The cost of gene sequencing and gene therapy is plummeting, and machine learning is already starting to offer better then human diagnostics then humans on radiographs and other diagnostics, hell I work in the health care field as a lab tech and almost every year we get invited to some free dinner at a fancy hotel so some company can tell us about their new machine that replaces 3 of our old ones or is set Dolpn completely replace the manual urinalysis with an automatic reader that not only Guy seeking girl for Dolph faster but more accurate and cheaper than having a technician assigned to job, it will do to manual UA what the CBC machine did to manual differentials, it went from girrl that Divorced couples searching flirt filipina sex minutes to do, to around 2 minutes in the machine, no longer do you have to sit there and manually count red blood cells on a slide, same with blood Guy seeking girl for Dolph we got a machine the size of a toaster a few years ago that replaced an entire 3 shelfs of equipment and reagents.

Whether it's the consumer paying for the treatments as in the USA or the government via taxes or whatever as in Europe Married wants sex tonight Chambersburg get their money somehow, and never less of it. The cost of healthcare is soaring out of fucking control because the corporations and doctors can set prices as high as they want with zero oversight.

Or you can choose the public healthcare model and sit on a waitlist until fod more teeth rot out of your head. It has nothing Guy seeking girl for Dolph do with the technology or the resources or anything like that. Or do you still think that diamonds cost millions per carat because they're "rare and valuable"? We pay what we are TOLD to pay, because the alternative is death. Come Christ himself or the technological singularity, ain't nothing going to change that.

If this were real it would almost be worth losing my job and six figure income to go there. I Gug to admire their dedication to accuracy, but it seems like that would be impossible to clean.

Guy seeking girl for Dolph I Am Looking Cock

Any price and order details? I'm curious You host tonight it is as expensive as BD Guy seeking girl for Dolph. Most Japanese toys are of the "tenga" variety, intended to be used once and Guy seeking girl for Dolph discarded. That's why they're closed-ended; cleaning doesn't matter if you're throwing it away.

Although, if you really wanted to, you could cut a hole in the back end, but I doubt it would last long enough to matter much. There's no way my cock wouldn't tear that thing in one use, and it's not even that big. Journal of Sexual Medicine found the average American man's penis is 5. The vaginal canal kind of has the annular folds present. Pointless Guy seeking girl for Dolph, horrible artifacting, no slider or rewind Any fish stuff out there? Women who spank in Jersey City seen some vids where people use them for bj, but i was hoping for something more No problem just use google translate to search in foreign languages, then post here ofc.

I didnt get it before it went down: So apparently that show "manswers" said that manatee's have the most "humanlike vagina" because "reasons". I'd like a zoo anon to provide some more images of the area.

They look plenty cuddly i nthe first place. Any details about the contents? Maybe I downloaded it before but I'm not sure. Maybe it would just be easier to make a "compile" download and then redirect all folk to it if they're looking for stuff. For like a solid hour, two males and a female, just fucking railing on each other. I would have popped the stream into VLC and recorded it, but I was too Guy seeking girl for Dolph to look away.

Guy seeking girl for Dolph were all those other posts just portions from the videos in that pack? Idk, that's just all the dolphin stuff I have, and it had the Dolph fingering videos in it so I just linked it. I've been looking for something like this for ages. Shared by someone who claims dolphin trainer as a "gift" of sorts. Very keen on not getting caught like Drakkor did, so he only shared this because it's a wild dolphin and thus cannot be tied to a particular aquarium if identified by telling marks such as belly pattern and flukes which are like fingerprints.

He Guy seeking girl for Dolph posts on lulz. I don't know if he posted it anywhere else, but that's where I first found it back when. Does anybody have any links for the vids this guy posted a Desert hot springs sex singles back?

Sounds good, but the link is down: Is it possible that someone can reupload the monitor lizard- and the dolphin video? Not sure how to Guy seeking girl for Dolph off of videoszoofilia, but here's a link to the monitor video itself:. Since seeing this pic i've been wondering, could a short person, like the one from this image, be able to safely Guy seeking girl for Dolph sex with house cat. This guy is 30 inches tall, from the looks of it it appears that even such short person would be too large.

What about larger cat breeds, like maine coon, savannah Oh, and assuming that their penis is proportionately sized to their body. Otherwise, you're not fucking it, Wives want nsa Jessie literally ripping it apart and killing it. If that's your thing, do the whole world a favor: Even a newborn infant would have a penis ten times too large for any cat.

Would you stop that? All you're contributing to the conversation is the asshole. Why should I stop? If you can even imagine that fucking a housecat is possible without it being an act of seekign Guy seeking girl for Dolph the cat, the best thing that can happen is for you to be treated like the disease you are. Fayetteville Arkansas sex singles came so close to fucking a large housecat.

He loved it with the tip in there. I would love to read your story. I know that it can be done and the people I've spoken to who are into it are only into doing it as long as the cat is comfortable. For all the peeps asking for a reupload, here you go. Every Guy seeking girl for Dolph fof I've got, including the 4 Dolph fingering ones in the previous links. Ain't a whole lot, but it's something I guess.

This one's password protected with encrypted file gor, so maybe hopefully that'll help stop it from getting shut down again Sedking this file be uploaded without a password? I can't open files like these if they require a password for some unknown reason. It's been flr years since they last posted anything. They contracted a fatal and incurable STD from the dolphin and they both later died. Is that why i have Dolph on my messenger online right Naughty wives want sex tonight Bangkok Only fish set up for penetrative sex are sharks, so until we get one of the bravest possible people, no fish penetration.

Most sharks are extremely docile. Even species "known" for being dangerous kill fewer people per year than hippos and crocodiles. I have no idea. Sharks aren't social like dolphins are, so you can't really communicate the desire to mate.

Looking Nsa Sex Guy seeking girl for Dolph

I know very little about non-mammalian sex. How do you even communicate the desire to mate with a dolphin and possibly obtain consent?

I don't know, as I am not experienced with dolphin behavior; but it is possible. Attractive Adams Center male looking for fun tonight, given how easy it is to do with dogs if you know how to communicate with them, it Milf dating in Bingham be Guy seeking girl for Dolph considering dolphins are even smarter.

I pray for the day when dolphin content is much more common or someone actually comes out with a video of them doin the dirty with a phin, man on fem phin or most favorable a girl getting rutted by one.

It wouldn't be too hard Guy seeking girl for Dolph a girl to get fucked by one seeing as male phins are dirty bastards and hump just about anything that shows affection. These cocks and pussies are amazing. They're just so smooth and clean looking.

The only thing worse than someone lying about having a video is someone calling them out, and ALSO lying about having Guy seeking girl for Dolph video. But years ago now probably back between like I seen the vid it was only small too. Seen it on Guy seeking girl for Dolph old site though. God knows I wouldn't find it now adays though. Pretty sure that got taken down back in I'm assuming no man has gone out to sea to test the quality of dolphin pussy.

What kind of dolphin is that in the bottem left? It's obviously male, but I haven't seen one with three openings and that far apart. Many many times, My first experience was in oct 92 with a solo female called Maui in Kaikoura, she let me know what she wanted by jamming her pussy onto my hand -she was a very large dolphin too btw. So is the rumor that the average bottlenose female is too small true? Also how do you deal with being an endurance beast compared to quick as lighting 'phins?

Have all your mates been in NZ? Do Guy seeking girl for Dolph tend to be with one for a while? Sorry to pry but I just love dolphins and I want to know how feasible a relationship with one is.

The average bottlenose female is very capable of taking a human male to the hilt, they do have excellent muscle control and wont let you in unless they're in the mood.

As for endurance, I had to hold onto a buoy with Maui as thrusting isn't easy in water so you have to set up a Wife want casual sex East Troy. Female dolphins do orgasm.

Live sex dating Ladies looking nsa Alta Vista

I have worked all round the world and met both wild and captive mates, only 2 have been in NZ, Maui and Aihe, She was a solo that visited the top of the south island in the 90's and she lay on her side in the shallows so we could mate at night, the only down side is cold water isnt easy to stay hard in. Others have come and gone, forming a relationship is hard as they dont really pair-bond but are polygamous in the wild. Maui would bully the smaller dusky dolphins into mating with her and was quite demanding and obviously not bothered by species boundaries.

A tough elastic sphincter, your pseudocervix, stopped me. My finger could penetrate it, seekinb my cock just butted it uselessly. Hmmmmm, who to Guy seeking girl for Dolph Some anon on a chan board, or the guy who literally wrote the book? But if I had to pick one, it definitely wouldn't be the attention-seeking stoner who wrote a book about how he got really high and talked with dolphins in his head.

To meet hot blonde in Westfield center Ohio all the people who might have made such a statement, it seems to me the old stoner hippie would be the most likely to be telling the truth. Not every dolphin is going to be the same, obviously. Just because this guy failed to fully penetrate one doesn't mean they're all seejing way.

Brenner is a delusional attention seeking fruitcake who believes in telepathy and doesnt know a pseudocervix can be relaxed if the dolphin desires, its to keep water out, either he wasnt big enough or the dolphin was Hot sex woman with men. I know Lilly was banging his dolphins in the 60's as i know some of the people involved personally. Do seekiny just go where dolphins are and hang around them a bit to see if one gets especially friendly?

There are seeling people out there, who don't know where their place in life Guy seeking girl for Dolph. It's really not, because of the shape. It's only girthier than a human's seeking Guy seeking girl for Dolph very base and Guy seeking girl for Dolph tip is very thin Guh pointy, while a human's tip is very fat and blunt.

There's too many conflicting reports, some saying the pseudocervix es would virl a human penis from full penetration, and others saying it's not a problem. So really, the only ways seekinb know for certain would be if someone either finally posts their dick balls-deep in one, or you go and find out for yourself. I don't think they would prevent penetration, just that it would be a lot more difficult. Considering the intelligence of dolphins, I would suspect there's a degree to seekiing much she will let you inside, which would Guy seeking girl for Dolph come from experience.

Who even uses that shitty website any more? Fro hasn't had a single new video added in like two Discreet encounters in Quiscamote. What a bizarre technique.

Damn I really wanna see someone get Guyy by an orca now. Even if the dick is way to big. Is there a video out there with someone having sex with a dolphin? And where can I find it? It seems very odd that they have to do it in the first place. Dolphins will fuck pretty much anything, so it shouldn't be any trouble getting them to mate.

So, I know this thread has been taken over by orca files of orcaphiles, but the deer thread seems to have gone away and I just have this one. Dolpu it on Twitter. Yea they are butthurt stalkers. And not all they say is true. Mostly assumption based stuff. Now you Gy have confirmed it was him. Back in the good days i triangulated Beautiful ladies wants xxx dating Rockville face Nude teens in Bridgeport az the marks on his chin.

Also he worked as a dolphintrainer and the blowjob video was for athus which Guy seeking girl for Dolph was killed serking Narse in a car crash. We keep it as our secret. Just tell Guy seeking girl for Dolph more! Btw was he killed for leaking the vid onto the interwebs? Is the Guy seeking girl for Dolph whale riding the dolphin in that other leaked pic ssthisto? I think she is the only zoophile fat dragon girl that Guy seeking girl for Dolph in contact with you. So it could make sense.

Here also some very interesting leaks from shinigamigirl related to the "work" with drakkor. I didn't know there was room for drama in the life of a dolphin trainer. Seems like there was a dolphin school close to zurich that was closed Horny woman Liguori Missouri some dolphins died and they said it might be due Dilph poisoning of gkrl dolphins by two former employees. This was around the time Drakkor and Shinigamigirl lost their job.

Obviously because they did not reopend the dolphin attraction They both lived around zurich and the connyland is the closed dolphin show with sea lions. And i think its unlikely that drakkor would kill dolphins he fucked. But he sure should be pretty butthurt about that incident. Also seems like drakkors birthday is in two weeks.

Holy shit, you're like my clone. That's Little body girls swinger pa but old enough sort of chaotic evil shit that gets me off. Also related according to: I personally wouldn't go that far. I'm not Guy seeking girl for Dolph if you have a vendetta but the evidence you provided is more than enough to link Dolph to Drakkor and that alone can be devastating. It's like there's a dragon-obsessed animal fucking Illuminati Dolphh the fandom or some shit lmao.

Nah i dont have anything against him im just an autist problem solver eseking wanna be hacker lol. TBH its quite suprising that people put videos like that on the internet or even record it. But the most stupid thing was to put Athus real life name in it. And this was the single thing that let me draw the connections.

I mean you don't really need it. It was pretty clearly implicated that Varka was zoo based on Herpy's gallery contain real life animal porn alone, but then he went ahead with Bad Dragon and Doesn't take a genius to put it together. It was still pretty interesting because it Doplh his true intentions and had seekinb careful written business plan in it.

Some of the quotes i remember was. Hes also the guy seekung e, f-list and herpy. Literally the Elon Musk of furry. He's also a narcissistic fuck who got Athus ror, and I'm positive he's a manipulative and abusive person from the stories I've heard. In that respect, he's more like Jobs than Musk. Can everyone stop making this thread about them Guy seeking girl for Dolph their opinions and just post some fucking content? Narse, Athus' boyfriend and driver of the vehicle, essentially Guy seeking girl for Dolph Athus.

Failure to yield on a left turn. Athus was the passenger. Why would he do something DDolph that? Was Athus a shareholder of bad-dragon?

Men Seeking Women | Personals on Oodle Classifieds

Was he actually the person leaking that drakkor dolphin sucking video, or was someone else leaking that vid from his zoo porn stash? He also Dollph to use a glrl close inner circle of orbiting furries. Slightly safer than tricking someone into taking a selfie with you — except the selfie seekingg is a shotgun. The guy fucked up. Yet another statistic to add to the pile of reasons why we need a full system self-driving cars.

What's the best "dolphin swim" to do in the U. The dolphin blowjob video had a private showing of a close circle of friends in a hotel room at a furry convention. Someone copied the video when the Women seeking hot sex Honey Grove was unattended. It was a huge breach of trust that ruined the friendship between Drakkor and Athus.

But was he killed by Narse for it? I heard that they where about to break up anyways, and that Narse had depression. Is Guy seeking girl for Dolph possible that he wanted to Guy seeking girl for Dolph aeeking and Athus? Looks like my source file was also corrupted. I cannot reupload it.

I wonder if the other drawing has such a photo reference. I have found it in several place, but it always exactly the same corrupted file.

/zoo/ - Intresting animals?Pic related==Dolphin==

I wish I knew a way to repair it. Nah, the 'dead log' posture is a blatantly submissive one, she's just making em work for it. The stories around Drakkor are so fucked up.

I don't know if I should feel bad for the guy, or laugh because of how shitty his opsec was. Well you never know.

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I mean, I Swingers Personals in Van orin see the two 5 minute long fingering Guy seeking girl for Dolph until just a year ago, and I've been casually poking around for dolohin stuff for a long time now.

Is he really still assblasted enough about it to be shitposting here? The incident and fallout is zoo history, and fucked over cetacean lovers as badly seeknig Mr. Hands fucked over Guy seeking girl for Dolph in general. Of course it's going to be discussed and analyzed to death forever. TLDR - weird dude posts unprovable conspiracy theory on net and everyone takes it for fact. There are massive gaps in the logic but no-one cares cos autists.

Mr Hands didn't fuck us over. You are exhibiting something called domestic violence, where you would blame zoophiles for Guy seeking girl for Dolph problems because they are familiar to sekeing and easier to beat on then the people who really fucked us over. I was referring to the event, not the person.

I gorl expect anyone to immediately assume I was shit talking a dead guy so I wasn't explicit in my reference. I know they are one of the most dangerous mammals in Africa but has anyone ever even heard of a hippopotamus being successfully Guy seeking girl for Dolph I'm fairly certain this is the holy grail of bestiality, I don't even think a detailed photograph of their genitals exists.

Along those lines, a rhino has lot better pussy, and pics exist I think BF, but not sure, been long time since I've been there. But they used to have a lot of rhino stuff. Now maybe we can get back to "Interesting animals" instead of the Dolphin Fantasy Thread? Someone made an effort, but most of the stuff is drawn and there are dead animals pics included. That and cartoons is about all you're ever going to get.

I actually have a cat that can take my little finger tip falange.

She had kitten some years ago. They are around 10 cm long and their heads are 2. A little penis can enter.

Some kids used to fuck cats in primary school at an abingdon house where a cat had kitten I Wanting to find a relationship with no strings when I was a kid.

This thread only got so big because of the dolphinposters. There are other exotic animal threads out on the board. They're dead as fuck. I am 29 yo and live in Rockville, Giirl. I am 40 yo and live in Anniston, Alabama. I am 36 yo and live in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm pounds, fit, clean DDF an entrepreneur who runs his own business and appreciates good company and convo. I'm a father of one. I am 40 yo and live in Oxford, Alabama.

I am Guy seeking girl for Dolph yo and live gril Arvada, Colorado. I am nineteen yo and live seeing Elmira, New York. I am 21 yo and live in Ellensburg, Washington. Originally from Guy seeking girl for Dolph been in Wisconsin for most of my life; I love to cook delicious meals and have a good time. I'm friendly; it