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Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Great taste you can count on. Put the great taste Ganbrills Seagram's 7 and 7-Up together, and you've got a classic: Just pour IV2 oz. Seagram's 7 over ice in a tall glass and fill with 7-Up.

Great taste you can count on! Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 up a burning beach on D day, clearing the way with hand grenades and mortar fire. Keep your eyes peeled for enemy periscopes in the North Atlantic. Fight alongside tank commanders, fighter pilots, gunner's mates and tough dogface soldiers— in Africa, the Pacific, Europe, Korea, and Vietnam.

Now you can thrill to all this and more with the outstand- ing selection of military books shown and described on this page. How the Club works. After your membership's accepted, you'll receive your four books for 98C, plus shipping Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 handling.

If you are not satisfied, Ohio state game Bismarck North Dakota girl them within 10 days, cancel your member- ship, and you owe nothing.

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There is a shipping and handling charge on all books shipped. The Military Book Club offers its own complete, hardbound editions sometimes altered in size to fit special presses and save members even more. Prices shown are publishers' edition Lydia LA sexy woman. FREE when you join! SR-Garden City. Bill me only 98t plus shipping and handling.

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Music Company song sheet of "Over There" captures the essence of the song and the essence of George M. Cohan, the "Yankee Doodle Dandy" songwriter who would have marked his th birthday this July 4.

Cohan Copyrightrenewed Leo.

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Used by Permis- sion lishing Co. This magazine assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material.

Microfilm copies of current and back issues of The American Legion Magazine are available Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 University Microfilms, N, Zeeb Rd. If undeliverable, please send Form to: BoxIndianapolis, IN BoxIndianapolis, IN using Form which is available at your local post office. Attach old address label and give old and new addresses with ZIP Code number and current membership card num- ber.

Also, notify your Post Adjutant or other officer charged with such responsibilities.

Washington, DC Advertising Dept. North Dakota, South Dakota.

New York, New Jersey. New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska. Nelson Editor, Raymond J. Hanford Art Editor, Walter H. Kreul, Fen- nimore, Wl; Russell H.

Benton, AR; Morris Meyer.

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Stark- ville, MS; J. Topeka, KS ; George G. Love, Syracuse, NY Consultant.

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Copyright by The American Legion. Second class postage paid at Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices. Direct Inquiries regarding circulation to: Send editorial and advertising material to: The Ameri- can Legion Magazine.

Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054

Flies are not only pests Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 they carry over 40 diseases harmful to humans and to pets. Now an amazing break- through in fly traps eliminates this health menace, puts the joy back into outdoor living at a mere fraction of the cost of electronic traps!

You just follow simple directions, place beside patio, pool, children's play area, on porch, anywhere, then relax. FLI-LUR has been specifically designed to nip the fly "population explo- sion" in the bud, to lure and kill the breeding flies that cause an area to become infested.

Flies start laying eggs when 3 to 4 days old. Most of the flies in your Housewivse will be caught and killed during this time. Then FLI-LUR continues its silent deadly vigil 24 hours a day, day after day, eliminating dangerous blow flies, green bottle flies, blue bottle flies, all flies!

At first, you will catch many, but soon there just won't be many to catch! Fewer flies to get into Hosuewives home, too. Lightweight, portable — take any- where! Be sure to enjoy one in every outdoor area of your home. Make summer a picnic again.

You must be absolutely KG delighted with results or return for prompt refund Ipj of purchase price. Harvey Holcomb recently pre- pared a report on the nation's energy crisis titled "Energy Regionalism: A bad solution to a big problem. In recent years, energy Housewjves emerged as one of the major con- cerns of this nation.

Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 I Am Looking Man

Much like a spendthrift, unless we change our ways, we'll soon be bankrupt. For we are confronting, as President Carter puts it, "the greatest domestic challenge of our lifetimes. First, the present energy dilemma will not go away, no matter how tightly we shut our eyes.

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There is no escaping the reality — demand for energy is outstripping development of energy supplies; non-renewable natural re- sources are being depleted. And we often are not using the energy we consume to its best advantage. One example is oil. Granted, there are very Margland Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 reserves waiting to be found — and we are getting on with the task of finding them. But the world's oil and gas cannot last forever.

Sometime in the next cen- tury, petroleum will likely cease to be a major contributor to our fuel mix.

210054 And the demise of the hydro- carbon era may necessitate Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 tial changes in our economy and our life-styles — unless, that is, we do our planning now. The second fact is that we must pull Housewived as a nation, sharing sacrifices, if we are to resolve our difficulties.

The problem is national — even global — in scope. And solutions must be just as far- reaching. As Aristotle observed cen- turies ago, "a common danger unites even the bitterest enemies.

Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054

Unfortunately, some states are now embracing provincial postures. Good husbandry Gambirlls resources is essential, but hoarding is not. Per- haps anticipating a degree of divisiveness, the President straight- forwardly dealt with this issue in his April energy address, his words were the following: Newspaper story after story demonstrates the growth of regional conflict.

A recent New York Times story — and this is just one example — led off this way: Let's forget Housewives looking nsa Gambrills Maryland 21054 specifics of the Carter proposal. Congress will, in the course of exercising its author- ity, massage the President's propo- sals; and the American people will be heard from, too.

Moreover, what- ever Congress enacts this year is likely to be changed in years to come. Still, the importance of these actions cannot be underestimated.

At long last, we — as a nation- have recognized the seriousness of our situation and are moving toward a solution. That is good news. But solutions will slip through our fingers if our nation becomes, instead, "balkanized. But the specter of spreading regionalism cannot be dismissed as illusory.