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Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Its standard features include full-size comfort and big V8 power. The security of anti-lock brakes and a driver-side air bag is standard, too.

And of course, Roadmaster is built to the exacting standards of 2604 quality. So how come the new Roadmaster costs thousands less than the Lincoln Town Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 Simply because at Buick, we still make value a standard feature of every car we sell.

For more on what is perhaps the best value in American luxury sedans Mojndsville, call Levels ol equipment vary. By Harry Summers Jr.

AP Wide World Photos. The American Legion Magazine, a leader among national general-interest publications, is published monthly by The American Legion for its 3 million members. These military-service veterans, working through 16, community-level posts, dedicate themselves to God and country and traditional Amer- ican values; strong national security; adequate Housewives looking nsa Carolina compassionate care for veterans, their widows and orphans; community service; and the wholesome development Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 our nation's youths.

An excellent first step, ErecAid System may be the only step you will ever have to take. And no treatment has proven to be safer in over 15 years of use. ErecAid System is medically approved and available with a prescription for under S When medically necessary, ErecAid System is approved for reimburse- ment by some Medicare and com- mercial insurance carriers.

Turner National Commander Daniel S. Mahon Associate Editor T. Horton, Topeka, KS; W. Copyright by The American Legion Price: BoxIndianapolis, IN Attach old address Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041, provide old and new addresses and current membership card number.

Allow 8 weeks for change of address to take effect. Also notify your local post adjutant directly at local post s address.

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To request microfilm copies, please write to: University Microfilms, N. Adjusts instantly, electrically, to just the right angle! It comes in your choice of twin, full, queen or king Houaewives, all with comfortable, reversible mattresses, money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty. And you save hundreds of dollars, because it's shipped Sleep in comfort Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 from the factory to you! Go Muondsville with ease wantw your American Electric Three-Wheeler!

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Don't let arthritis, emphysema, general weakness, or the Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 of a stroke rob you of your independence' Just press the button and the American Lift Chair lifts you, safely and comfortably, to the best position for standing-with no strain on knees, hips, shoul- ders or arms. To sit, press the button again. Keep pressing, and the back adjusts and footrest raises so you recline in perfect comfort.

There's no obligation-no salesman will come to your home! The United States, and other Western democracies, have never recognized the forced and illegal annexation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by the Soviet Union in The people of these gallant nations have expressed their desire to regain their freedom and independence that was stolen from them because of the infamous Hitler-Stalin deal in August of President Bush should explain to the American Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 why the freedom of an Arabian oil emir was worth a war, but the freedom of the Baltic states is being Moundsvolle with Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 pressure being applied to Moscow.

By Sex with older mature women Graz Mikhail Gorbachev any form of economic assistance, we would be giving him a clear signal that he should start negotiating with the leaders of the Baltic nations in restoring their inde- pendence.

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Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 Edward Baranauskas Schenectady, N. But he plants the idea, appar- ently purely for emotional effect. Advo- cates of official English are neither. Serrano erroneously equates official English with the English only move- ments. The official English and English only arc separate issues. I'm against English only; each citizen must be free to exercise his or her culture and lan- guage.

But that docs not necessitate making federal, state, county and municipal legal and governmental processes wantw whelmingly expensive in time, money and anguish for all concerned. I am not convinced that we can trans- late U.

True, they can be translated into a few languages with only minor problems.

But such minor problems feed many, many lawyers. Having English as the nation's offi- cial language does Hkusewives prevent provi- sion of government services in other languages, nor use of interpreters in our courts. Even so, there is a problem. There aren't enough certified legal interpreters to serve any one group of non-English speakers.

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Unfortunately, some callers have been unable to get through to use the service. Thanks to your calls and letters, the situa- tion has been corrected. Now, you can call VOICE to record your opinion on any Vet- voice question or to voice your opinion on any current issue. Results from Vetvoice questions are distributed to newspapers nationwide and to your congressmen. This month, you can make your vote count on these questions: Do Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 believe peace may now be pos- sible in Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 Middle East?

That myth is unfortunately being spread as a purely rhetorical device to arouse emotional rather than reasoned responses. Let's all loudly oppose the extremists who argue for English only, and vigorously support English as the official language 2641 the U. Francis Carrier Pacific Grove, Calif. After reading "Should English be the official language of the U.

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In Canada we are having one hell of a controversy between English and French. The French Cana- dian Province of Quebec wants to sepa- rate from Canada because they will not allow bilingualism, like the other nine Canadian provinces. We are waants invaded by Chinese, Japanese, East Indians, and they are insisting on speaking their own languages.

I and Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 other Canadians think this is wrong. Education in this country is slip- ping. Too few college seniors are aware of the world. A few universities are offering nonsense courses like the Uni- versity of Massachusetts's "Ultimate Frisbee. But I really must protest Sykes using such obvious shortcomings as a basis for a reactionary harangue decrying left-wing politics in our universities. His article features the oldest prop- aganda techniques in the world.

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Begin your speeches with frankness. Toss in a few facts that are genuine, facts that everyone agrees with, and which can be easily checked for veracity. This work of art reflects the soldiers' bravery, honor and most important, faith as they faced constant threats and terror.

This vision is beautifully etched in cultured marble and framed in solidLoak. It's a lasting qants for you to proudly display in your home. MN We reserve the right to substitute similar merchandise of equal or better quality. If substituted merchandise is not acceptable, you can return it postpaid during your free trial period Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 further obligation.

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Sales or use tax will be added where applicable. The Free Gifts are mine to keep. This order is subject to approval of my credit by Fingerhut. Including how to get a pack free.

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Garcia y Wans cigars come in 20 different shapes and sizes to suit your taste or Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041. To get a free pack, and a free brochure on what sets our cigars apart from the others, call our toll-free num- ber or use the coupon below. Which hrand and shape of cigar do you j smoke most often?

Other hrand and shape you regularly J smoke? How many cigars do you smoke each week? After that, you can tell a whole series of half-truths or Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 lies, and few will doubt you. What does it have to do with a course in partying at Vassar or rock music Moundsvilel Georgia?

Relating such disparate items is part of an effective propaganda technique— because the Frisbee course at the University of Massachusetts is wrong, throwing out ROTC at Wisconsin is also. The two have nothing to do with each other. Housewives wants sex WV Moundsville 26041 offerings, foolish or not, are made by the faculty and approved Agency IA adult swingers the administration. ROTC was ejected from Wisconsin by the student body, not the faculty.

The student body at the University of Wisconsin has every right to Bbw chat comox discrimination wajts gays and lesbians if they choose; it is their constitutional freedom. You have a right to resent it if you wish, but it is a delib- erate fallacy to equate a constitutional right, exercised by the student body at one school, with the offerings of the faculty at some other school.