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Looking for nerdy relaxed girl

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Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. So Looking for nerdy relaxed girl is my problem: I likes me some shy, nerdy guys, but they will never initiate a conversation with me. I have no problem taking the initiative no fear, no tact, and no shame, really Woman want nsa Wilmore Kentucky, but if I try to talk to them I tend to get fear signals back: I'm not unattractive according Looking for someone thats into the same types of things the nice people in the recent photo thread http: I'm Woman seeking nsa Gravelly Arkansas bit quiet in that I don't spend all the time giggling and talking like most girls my age 22but I can certainly hold my own in an intelligent Looking for nerdy relaxed girl.

I have no self-esteem issues or daddy issues or "issues" of any kind, really except with people who use the non-word "anyways," but that's why I'm a doper, right? I've been told that I'm too Looking for nerdy relaxed girl I am blunt and that guys will automatically assume that I'm taken because I'm not ugly, but I'm not flirting either WTF? I'm getting tired of carrying the conversation for two until the nerdy guy realizes that I'm not going to sprout a second head and relaxes enough for me to get to know him.

Looking for nerdy relaxed girl there some shorthand, some signal or code phrase that I can give or say to let him know I'm not that scary, really? You may also engage in the second-favorite passtime, which is nitpicking my grammar and spelling, if you feel the need.

None of your first-favorite stuff in here, though. This is a family thread. You hinted towards the end that you do eventually get the nerdy guys to relax, so it sounds like you're doing fine. It just takes longer with some people. I'm a Nerdy Guy myself, and I should get my wife to tell you how--skittish--I was at first.

It can't be any better than the guys you're talking about. What kind of signals do you send out? Any kind of "you" language is extremely effective. Have you tried actually touching them?

When you're a woman who's into geek guys (or just a little geek-curious) If you' re looking to get tied up and spanked, you'll find geeks are ready, . will be a shock at first, but when they recover they'll be much more relaxed. OP said you were looking for a nerd girl, but make sure you are I'm already down 50 pounds, so like I said maybe relax your standards a bit. The dude who runs "Nerd Nite Speed-Dating" gives us some insights on how to Type keyword(s) to search As long as the woman isn't too aggressive, she is gonna get a date 9 times out of Be calm and confident.

It sounds too bold, but as a non-terminally shy guy, having a girl put her hand on, say, my forearm relaxes me quite a bit. That is good advice.

Looking for nerdy relaxed girl

I try to send out "not stuck-up" because sometimes people confuse "quiet" for "snobby""friendly," and "not threatening. Wait, you like the quiet ish nerd type? And you're at OSU? If I only had a car. Feh, who'm I kidding? Looking for nerdy relaxed girl clam up too.

Have an activity planned, something gender-neutral, slow-paced and casual, that's done someplace quiet enough relaxer where you can talk.

I can't stand just "idly sitting around and chatting", with someone new there's nothing to talk about. First of all, Grl just took a look at your picture, and my your rating on the Attract-O-Meter is; Yowza!

Not Adult chatt Ventnor usual type, but I'd have a hard time unlocking my eyeball-tracking nonetheless.

As for advice and as you may have already inferred, Looking for nerdy relaxed girl am in your target demographic: Once he's run his course and is convinced that you are genuinely! If he doesn't, then he's probably just a self-absorbed bastard, and you don't want that. You just want nrdy get past the initial barricade, not into the dungeon. Even assuming that you aren't average, you still The bigger your dick the better don't have their specialized knowledge about the topic.

Knowing this, and having the continual experience of either fumbling to try to discuss a topic in which they have little knowledge and no interest Looking for nerdy relaxed girl, uh, yeah, it is kind of cloudy.

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Blunt really really isn't a problem, except that your typical high-end nerd is going to be so unused Sex Dating in La jara CO. Adult parties. being approached by an attractive woman that Looking for nerdy relaxed girl just figure that he's a being set up for a con, b wondering if she's an Amway salesman, or c so oblivious that he doesn't notice that he's being hit upon at all. Maybe a "Hey, did you notice I'm flirting with you?

Oh, and keep at it. Someone has to keep the high IQ genes floating around the gene pool or at least given some hopeand Og knows the hardcore geeks Looking for nerdy relaxed girl all the Looking for nerdy relaxed girl they can get.

The recalcitrance you are encountering isn't any reflection on your appearance, manners, or hygiene; and if I'm taken as a typical specimen, basic housekeeping is quite enough--the extra accoutrements like makeup and jewelry are largely and can, in excess, be detrimental in making a positive impression. You don't sound like you're lacking in intellect yourself, in recalling previous posts.

With a little extra effort on your part sorry, but that's the way with the socially-unendowedsome fortunate chap or a few is going to be quite happy.

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And it goes without saying that you should be too. Good luck to you Best thing to do is get them talking. Don't let them realize they are chatting to an attractive women but rather another nerd. I use this a lot as I find most women love to talk. Find something they are interested in and let them jabber about it.

Occasionally you have to throw a nod in or an "uh huh" or a "Really! Stuff like that and Looking for nerdy relaxed girl few other converstaional tricks to keep it going.

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The hard part here is not Looking for nerdy relaxed girl or getting that thousand yard stare as they babble on and actually paying attention to the thread of the discussion. This means some eye contact and smiles and such at appropriate times.

A good one is a subtle lean towards the person assuming you are sitting as though they really just got your attention amazing how that one thing alone can revive a conversation. Hopefully Future mama Waterbury Connecticut adult horneys in bath won't have to put up with it too long unless you are lucky and the topic is something you are actually interested in. The guy, if done properly, should never even have panic enter his head.

He's having too much fun regaling you with the benefits of a RAID-5 array or the wonders of his butterfly collection. As this progresses try and steer the conversation into other, more mutually interesting avenues. Looking for nerdy relaxed girl somewhere in all of this he has mentioned other items you can run off with on a tangent. You must be subtle and do this in the flow of the conversation.

Did you see Looking for nerdy relaxed girl Bachelorette last night? Well, if you're in an appropriate place for such things. And as long ago having been the college computer lab's head consultant, as well as my college's first student system administrator You are quite incredibly hot.

You're gonna scare the heck out of shy nerdy guys. There's no way they will believe you're hot for them. Like geeky boys you say? Seriously, coaxing a geek out of his shell can be a bit hard at first, but once he's comfortable with you, he'll stay that way.

What ever happened to the straight forward approach? Would you like to have a coffee with me?

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I'll even throw in your muffin of choice if you tell me your name. I will modify Looking for nerdy relaxed girl above advice somewhat to give you some other tools at your disposal. I have some typical geek characteristics, but have relatively normal social skills. I sure wasn't born that way, I just tried to imitate the socially comfortable people and Women who fuck Tireh try to make the best use of what natural wit I have.

One thing I have learned is never, never, I repeat, never share one's inner life with a stranger. I always labor under the assumption that the probability of making a favorable impression on anyone while foaming at the mouth about my esoterica converges towards zero.

If a woman asks me about Looking for nerdy relaxed girl, I will dodge. I certainly will not lie nor will I bluntly change the subject.

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I will answer coyly and without opening the floodgates of my mania du jour. If you really want Looking for nerdy relaxed girl get reoaxed so-called nerdy guys to relax and open up, then they have to feel that they are on their home turf.

The socially skillful ones make their home turf.

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For the quiet ones, the only way to get them to talk is to make them believe that you are actually interested. Loooing means, of course, putting up some geek cred of your own.

Looking for nerdy relaxed girl

Since your username is Pterrian, I Lookung only assume that you got some. It shouldn't be too hard. From Iceland to women seeking couples really inept ones, yeah, you will have to put up with some stammering and lack of eye contact, if only in the beginning. I also unreservedly agree with dublos. My fiancee is shockingly beautiful. When Nsrdy first met her, I got real quiet.

Good Looking for nerdy relaxed girl she can be a real talker. But after the backrub, I was done.

So in a nutshell: Don't prod the man too much to talk about his interests, as some of us really don't like that. I really don't want to tell you everything I like to do unless I think you're on the level. Establish your own geekdom.

Deflect the social ineptitude.