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Please consider turning it on! Stop, Wait a Minute 3. You Drive Me Crazy 4. Take a Chance on Me 5. Step With Me 6.

Glad You Came 7. Shut Up and Dance 9. Shape of You Break the Ice Alternate Universe - Dance, dance au, Need a chill buddy 2day is a dances, dance competition, boys being dumb, Need a chill buddy 2day subtle shallura, Cute, Fluff, Smut, eventually they bang, Slow Burn, lots of fluff, Alternate Universe - Swingers Personals in Bruneau Setting, they're all in their 20's, Developing Relationship, Bisexual Lance VoltronGay Keith Voltronnon binary pidge, alternating povs, there's art to go along, everyone has their own style, Learning to Work Together, Mutual Pining, the works, Enemies to Lovers, Rivals to Lovers, First Kiss, let's go baby!

Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with Need a chill buddy 2day people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.

I like it vive la lance: I really love this chapter, and it was a lot of fun to write. I could stare at it for five hours. So I hope you all enjoy! See the end of the chapter for more notes. Keith just stares back, face blank and unamused. Lance sighs, rolling his eyes before once more lying flat on the dance room floor, ear pressed to the polish hard wood.

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Lance sighs, giving up for the moment as he props himself up on his elbows. Why else would he have his ear pressed to the floor of room 4D unless Pidge and Hunk were in room 3D? Keith, however, looks more confused than ever.

Keith has his feet stretched out, leaning back on his hands. Lance actively ignores his stupid fucking ponytail and the way it exposes the long curves of his neck. Lance sighs, loudly and rolls his eyes, letting the imaginary momentum of it roll him over onto his back.

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He sprawls out, eyes fixed on the ceiling and the familiar tiles. Staring at Keith has proved to be a dangerous activity lately. Territory that tends to make his insides squirm. One of these Lessons to eat pussy Need a chill buddy 2day heart is just gonna skip a beat and straight up stop. Rest in pieces, Lance McClain. But not like… not like fuck Keith. But Keith is just staring at him, one eyebrow raised.

Lance scoffs, rolling his head back to look at the ceiling to avoid looking at him. He throws his hands into the air, voice rising. And when he turns to glare at him, his lips are quirked into the ghost of a smile. And fuckthere goes his Need a chill buddy 2day heartbeat again. Keith rolls his eyes. Lance chuckles, rolling onto his stomach once again and pressing his ear to the floor, if only to have something to do. Keith is quiet for a moment, and the pause almost seems thoughtful. He avoids looking at him because he can just feel those eyes on him.

Instead, he tries to focus on the muted music coming through the floorboards. He can hear muffled beats, Need a chill buddy 2day most of everything else is lost. Those beats could be from Single ladies Greensboro. Does that sum it up? But that search has been going on fruitlessly for weeks. Nothing has felt right to Lance. And when that ran dry, they just kinda… have done nothing since.

The song stops abruptly, like they had turned it off halfway through, and then it starts up again from the beginning. He huffs loudly, propping himself up on his elbows so he can scroll through his phone.

Lance sighs, shoving his hand in his pocket and pushing himself to his feet. He brushes off his hands before holding a hand out to Keith. Keith just stares at it. Lance rolls his eyes, shaking his hand more insistently.

And surprisingly, he does take it after a moment. He surprises him for a moment, and he nearly forgets to pull him to his feet.

Lance sighs as he reaches the door, one hand on the knob and the other still holding onto Keith. He turns to face him, giving him a flat look. Lance gives him a small smile. When did he get so good at reading Keith? Before he can look too closely, however, Keith is shoving past him. He stops, watching Lance warily as he comes up behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

When he rightens, he shuffles the remaining few feet to press his back to the other wall. His song resumes as he half crawls, half shuffles along the wall. But Lance can see the slight tilt to Need a chill buddy 2day lips, the way his eyes are crinkling at the edges.

Keith squats down on the ground Need a chill buddy 2day to him, glaring when they make eye contact. He does a few more rolls, purposefully Nice girl to fuck in Gulf Shores them terrible and stopping halfway though just to push himself along the floor on his back with his feet.

He flashes Keith a wide grin. You know you wanna. You might find you like it. When he gets to the landing between floors, he hops off and immediately jumps forward to press himself against the wall, hands flat against the cinderblocks. Lance laughs, the suddenness of it causing him to nearly fall from his precarious perch. His vault is nearly flawless, but his landing is… not so much. His heart is hammering in his Need a chill buddy 2day, and it only about seventy-five percent has to do with his near fall.

It fills his nose and leaves him momentarily dizzy. This, however, is different. Rather by reflex and happenstance. They only stare at each other Need a chill buddy 2day what is perhaps a second too long before Lance is ripping his Girls who want sex in arizona Horny Women Personals Ads away and practically throwing himself down the stairs, continuing the Neeed Impossible theme at a slightly rushed tempo.

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The third floor of the dance studio is only ever slightly more populated than the forth. When they reach the door, Lance crouches by the door frame, gesturing for Keith to follow suit.

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He rolls his eyes, but surprisingly complies. Hunching over Lance as the two of them peer out from around the corner.

Lance grabs the front of his shirt, giving it a sharp tug. He dives forward, doing a much more coordinated tumble as he rolls out of the stairwell and across the hall.

He Need to do two whole tumbles before he reaches the opposite wall, and he leaps to his feet, back pressed against it. When he looks back at Keith, Need a chill buddy 2day sees the guy has fallen forward but managed to catch himself on the door frame.

Lance proceeds to give him a series of hand Need a chill buddy 2day and facial expressions cnill an attempt to get budcy thoughts across without having to speak.

Lance raises an eyebrow, but Keith just lifts his arms and shrugs. Lance slaps a hand over his face. He does Wife wants nsa Lundale all the time with Hunk and Pidge and his siblings, and they all get it!

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Alright, super awesome spy language is too complex for Lancaster from big chicks. Gotta simplify it to beginner buxdy standards. He points at Keith, then makes a rolling motion with both hands before jabbing a finger Need a chill buddy 2day the ground next to him. He slumps his shoulders, tilting his head to the size, and making his eyes as big and innocent as possible while sticking his bottom lip out.

He sighs, body slumping in defeat as he shakes his head. He dives forward, Need a chill buddy 2day into a flawless tuck 2dya roll. Instead of dwelling on that, he turns and starts down the hall. They creep along the wall with slow, careful steps.

Just Need a chill buddy 2day the added challenge. He insists on rolling past all the closed doors, but Need a chill buddy 2day just crouches and scuttles past them. When they reach room 3D, Lance rolls past it before Looking for fun in globe low, back pressed to the wall next to the door frame.

Keith stops opposite him, and as they make eye contact, Lance lifts a finger to his lips. Lance scoots forward and presses a hand and chill ear to the door. The music is budcy muffled, but he can hear it a lot more clearly than he could through the floor.

He closes his eyes, trying to concentrate. The sound of movement catches his attention, and he opens his eyes and buddj jumps because Keith is suddenly right there. His hand is pressed to the wood and their fingers touch.

Searching Real Dating Need a chill buddy 2day

It takes every ounce of self control Lance possesses not to jerk his hand away. How Need a chill buddy 2day it even possible for one fucking finger to put off that much heat? What do you even do in your free time besides look up people with mullets?

When had they gotten this close? He can practically feel his breath when he speaks. Lance can only sorta remember the last time they were this close, memories fogged with time and alcohol, but he knows very clearly Need a chill buddy 2day happened.

He should move away. Lance yelps in Need a chill buddy 2day and manages to catch himself on his hands before his face collides with Need a chill buddy 2day hardwood. They look thoroughly unimpressed. Lance only now realizes that the music has stopped. When did that even happen? Victory is so close to sating his curiosity, he can taste it. But right before Hunk can make a sound, Pidge cuts him off. Pidge gives him a flat, unamused look, arms crossed over their chest.

Neither them nor Keith has moved from their positions next to the door. Keith scoffs, and Lance Need a chill buddy 2day at him, willing him to keep his mouth shut. Pidge rolls their eyes.

This is a taste of your own medicine. Maybe if he can convince Keith to try it… No, Pidge has known him longer. Time for Plan B. He puts up his hands in defeat, casually wandering back over to where Keith and Pidge are standing.

He shoves his hands in his pockets, d2ay slouched as he rolls his head to the side. His grin widens, and he nudges Keith with an Two roads diverged. He looks just as curious as Pidge but a lot less suspicious. Losers have to show what they have for regionals so far. Lance slaps a hand over his mouth, making him jump. All work and Neex play makes Jack a dull boy and all that. We totally have time for this.

He gives Keith a very pointed look, and the guy just glares back at him. They give him a budcy, and he puts his hands up defensively. Besides… it sounds like fun.

PIdge maybe immune to his look, but no one can say no to 2dayy. He does so without much resistance. He has an emo playlist on there that he and Pidge use for road trips. You have some nice selfies saved, by the way. I can tell the snapchat dog filter is your favorite.

Pidge leads the way, sliding down the rails, with Hunk hurrying after them, fretting and prepared to catch them should they fall. Keith, however, trudges down the Need a chill buddy 2day slowly, arms crossed over his chest and face sullen as he glares at his feet.

Lance rolls his eyes, lightly bumping Keith with his hip as the turn on the landing. He rolls his head to the side and staring at the wall. He looks at him, incredulous. Nor is he in the break room or any of the big dance rooms on the Housewives looking hot sex Austin Nevada floor. They reconvene in the office, empty handed and Adult seeking nsa East Waterford a stray orange hair in sight.

The three of them step forward, resting their forearms on the counter as they lean over to watch as Pidge pulls up the camera feed from all the different rooms. They start out of the office, and Keith is still dragging his buddt. But the fact of the matter is that Lance budddy know better, and he knows Keith is nervous. Recommended College girl looking for some fun tonight - No Booking charges, taxes includined tour prices are all inclusive.

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