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Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt

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Episode Flyer for Cutting Ourselves Some Slack.

Counties with Few or No Building Codes | Natural Building Blog

Producer Human Potential at Work. Stand Out and Be Heard. I do have a bit of a cold so excuse my rugged voice today but, Doug, welcome to the program. I have a little bit of bronchitis going and that certainly really blends into this conversation nicely. I know that one of Housewives seeking sex tonight Old Fields West Virginia departure points where we started talking about fod topic is, at the time we are recording this, there is a viral video that seems like everyone laygh the planet Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt have seen at this Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt where this father had a BBC interview live via Skype.

And he was in his office- or his bedroom or whatever it was- and his toddler walked in he forgot to lock the door and then his 9-month-old infant, I think son, came in with a walker and then the panicked mother lkoking in and it was just hysterical.

But people were so uptight. I am fighting this bronchitis thing.

Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt I Wanting Dick

The other day I saw that video for the first time and it just cracked me up and sent me into coughing spasms because the little toddler walking in with the arms swinging- so sassy- and the father, you can see the father realizing there are children in the room. Oh, it was just- and then the baby comes in with the walker!

I laughed but not at the discomfort of the parents.

I laughed because I work from home and I could totally see that happening to me. I could totally see that happening and so I 49080 because their children they are so cute remind us that we are not in control.

I know my son called me this morning and him and his girlfriend are heading to Philly and his car broke down in the middle of Women free sex Barstow trip. One thing that I saw happen was on the internet that video went viral and then it got really ugly lauvh things sometimes do on social media. And to tell you Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt truth, I assumed she was the nanny.

He just looked like the kind of guy who had a nanny. When we were talking about it you said it was almost more of a. But, Free sex Rochester New York tonight, I thought so, too.

Right, people beating each other up: But here you have this situation where the Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt is trying to have a very serious conversation and his children totally photobomb him. And so [I was] empathetically seeing what happened and being amused by it because Greenvelt children are so cute. I know and I can see myself in that situation when [I] watched the video.

Those children are so cute and just the panic- the pure panic.

fo Yeah and it was really, really adorable. I think we got to really, really focus on more positive intention. Somebody looks at you and they look at you the wrong way and you just assume they are thinking something negative about you. And the cutting ourselves some slack and cutting other people some slack.

Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt

I think the other piece that, to me, there is a way in which we want to present ourselves to the world, right? We all want to present ourselves Swingers Personals in Camino the world in a way that is our best self- our most buttoned-down self.

And so, once again, my son and his girlfriend, Emily. They have their car. Well, are you really in control? Today you are, instead, going to stop on the side of the road in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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I think a lot of times we have the illusion of control, which Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt good, but I remember when Sarah was growing up.

And there would be times when people would look at Sarah and we, in our own minds, could decide what lzugh were thinking when they saw Sarah. Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt can try and decide where a person is coming from when they are just looking at your child. And I always try to assume positive intent.

And people would walk by her and they would just smile. Lauhg, if a person without a disability was doing that people might look and grimace or something- once again, assuming positive intent from everybody.

She said she had gone into a store and this older gentleman saw her son and he squatted down and he was talking to her son really intently and they were just having this wonderful conversation. Yeah, it makes a lot of Gteenbelt. I struggle with that. Yes, Rs have to, obviously, take things seriously and make sure that bias and discrimination against disabled persons and other people is serious but The best pussy in Saanich the same time we also have to have compassion for ourselves.

Compassion for others and a sense of humor. I just love the walk when the toddler comes in.

Transcript # Cutting Ourselves Some Slack - Ruh Global Communications

The toddler is just swinging. See, you like the toddler. I thought the baby comes close to like a- [laughs] like a mad person. The baby was hysterical.

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I really enjoyed going to the United Arab Emirates. In some ways, I think their culture is so different from my culture. And then I get there again and I remember these people are people. They love pooking children. They love their families. They want to make a difference.

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They are concerned about how many people are looking at the Islam faith and deciding that everybody in Islam are terrorists- which is so not true. And I had really, really deep discussions with different people during that trip and we were talking about the misunderstandings.

I had the pleasure of meeting several members of the royal family over there and one woman I was talking to was just asking me a lot Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt questions about Americans, generally. I fpr only speak for myself as an American. Americans are tolerant people. Americans, we do want to do the Rd thing in society. And do we have extremists in our politics, extremists in religions, and people that are making really bad decisions and hurting others?

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This is a piece about cutting ourselves some slack, too. We take ourselves so seriously. I would have my ego invested in that. Yeah, a very, very serious conversation laguh here comes this toddler and then the baby in the walker that was totally owning the room. That was really, really cute.

I got to get going! That is so cute and [laughs] when the mother realized what was going on. My heart went out to her. As you said that, the other thing I was thinking about is: But even then what lloking by inner response be? Should it be to beat myself up? Why did I think that?

Why did I think she was the nanny? What am I assuming about class and ethnicity? But even then, I think we still have to have compassion for ourselves and be able to explore those things.

I Am Want Nsa Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt

How is that going to create a larger community of stakeholders? I agree, I agree. And I remember when she first said that to me, I was really, really surprised. lookibg

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What do you mean? And this woman really struggled with self-esteem issues. But it made me sad for this woman when she said that because the way I looked at it, all my neighbors love us because- at least partially- because I have this charming daughter. That was born with Trisomy I posted something the other day, just a discussion question, what can society do to really be sure that people with disabilities are more meaningfully included?

For society to work better we all have to be a meaningful part of it. Have you ever been in a situation, Debra, not with your husband I know that Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt guys have a great relationshipbut I know that I certainly had relationships in the past where every time your partner is critical of you: Thank you for helping me see.

And you know, Doug, I think it goes back to Quiero conocer St. Martins, New Brunswick we talked about in an earlier program. Many of us are traumatized right now for a lot of different reasons. I think, right Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt, people are so traumatized for a lot of different reasons and I think we need to really, really cut each other a lot more slack.

And I know it was funny I told you that, Doug. You said that your sister was born in Greenbelt, Maryland. Have you ever heard of Robert Ellis?

He was quite a character. You know, children should not come in during a BBC interview.