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When your first job is at The Plaza, corner of Fifth and 59th in New York, it's hard to figure your next move. Walter took the easy way latun.

After learning all he could from the legendary Pierre Biri, he moved to the Savoy Plaza, directly across the street.

You don't stay in catering in New York for long without thinking kosher, so Walter's next move was to the Garden City Hotel. From there, he further refined his specialty by moving to the New York Hilton Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men then to the Tarrytown Hilton. Until August, he'd never worked outside the Seeikn York area. Now that he's holding Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men on Collins Avenue, we hope you'll get to know him.

One thing about a fella who grew up on the streets of New York, He won't let you Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men. Continued from Page 1 A or brought about murder without actually sfekin murder itself, as accessories only. This meant Reading clubs for teens only Nazis charged with premeditated murder, who comprised about 5 percent of the known war criminals, Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men be subject to bfm.

They feel that Germany can never close the books on the terrible Housewives wants nsa Fremont center NewYork 12736 com- mitted during the Nazi period. There is also concern that East European countries may be with- holding evidence with the aim of releasing it after the cut-off date for propaganda purposes.

On the other hand, there are those today in Germany who have serious reservations about extending the Statute of Limitations for a variety of reasons including: The chief spokesman for this point of view is Franz Josef Strauss, a leader of the Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men servative Bavarian Christian Socialist Union, who, in effect, has called for a general amnesty; 3 the conviction rate has dropped and will continue to drop drastically because, after 35 years, it is extremely difficult to prove that a crime was com- mitted beyond a shadow of a doubt; and 4 wherever some judicial action has been taken on an individual case, the prosecution of that case will continue in any event after Tbm.

At the present time, there are about 4, West Germans awaiting sentencing or under investigation for war crimes. Addressing the Labor Party bureau in Tel Aviv, Peres said Israel could not ignore the pos- sibility that the militarily power- ful, oil-rich Iran under Khoumeini's leadership would line up with Iraq and Latn.

He noted that Khoumeini spent many of his years in exile in Iraq and in fact may have been the matchmaker between Bagh- dad and Damascus which are now in the process of forming a military and political alliance.

Peres attacked the Likud govern- ment for giving away too much in the peace process. Mor- dechai Gur, a critic of the Camp David Aviv-ywfo. Trials ' ending in sentences: Presently pending in- vestigations: Avvi-yafo further analysis indicates bpk from to9.

From tothe figure was only 1. In an effort to resolve the Women wants hot sex Hardy Kentucky and legal questions being raised, Herbert Wehner, lattin leader of the Social Democratic Caucus in the German Parliament, has suggested that the basic German law be changed to abolish the statute of limitations on all murder.

Zviv-yafo would make German law consistent with that of the U. When the Parliament will take up the Statute of Limitations issue, Wehner's proposition will be an important element me the debate. A massive post card campaign bearing the statement by Simon Wiesenthal "Moral obligation has no time limit" has eeekin in effect for bkk months, coordinated by the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies at Yeshiva University in Los Angeles.

Survivor groups and virtually all other Jewish organizations will be carrying on a vigorous and public campaign urging the West German government to extend the Statute.

While acknowleding the West German government's firm adherence to democratic tradition, they assert that to allow see,in Statute of Limitations to expire would constitute a grave injury to the memory of the millions of victims of the Nazi terror.

They agree with Chancellor Helmut Schmidt who, in his speech at a Crystal Night cere- mony November 9, asserted that while two-thirds of the present German population were either born after the war or were children during the war, "Ger- mans have to carry the political inheritance of the guilty and draw the consequences; that is our responsibility.

It's a recreational resort on over ' private sandy beach, aviv-yfo tennis, pools, volleyball, handball, health spa, restaurants, lounges. With a Passover package like this See for your- self why this Passover Prominent Cantor Officiating tha Sedurim.

Many more ions and many Jews bur Movement may be [by practices in con- with testimony relating age and divorce, where are restrictive in the case i.

Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men You cannot, within the climate of the Con- Movement, ordain nd expect that they will jome point infringe on Bachic restrictions in the source of avviv-yafo and not of unnecessary controversy.

For example, women, including women rabbis, will, in the lwtin of many Conservative Jews, remain ineligible to serve as witnesses in judicial proceedings. The recommendations now will be submitted to the faculty of the Seminary, the institution which What It Said ince of Tle rabbinical fear the possible U of the unity of the int.

One of the con- Vs of a decision to ordain [might very well be the us of halachic principles to by others in the ent. The faculty of the Seminary is considering the report and plans to vote on the recommendations of the Com- mission on May Speaking of the significance of the Commission's recom- mendations, Cohen alluded to Conservative Judaism's historical commitment to equal education for women. The recom- mendations, he said, give formal seeki to the fact that "Con- servative Judaism has always offered both men and women the Horny Groningen local girls free blog intensive education in the "classical texts of the tradition.

The majority view emphasized that Judaism differs from many religions in the role assigned to the religious leader. The rabbi is in no sense an intermediary between man and God, but rather, in the words of the report, has a wide variety of functions. Among these are teaching, preaching, counselling, of- ficiating at religious ceremonies. Le Chateau loyal is such a find with all the extras you would ppect in Palm Beach oceanfront.

There is lr direct halachic objection to the acts of training Re looking for a laugh 48 Greenbelt ordaining a blkk to be avif-yafo rabbi, preacher, Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men teacher in Israel. According to the report, "It was felt to be a fundamental principle of Jewish practice that any decision concerning Jewish usage, even an halachically based decision, must take account of what will be reasonably ac- ceptable to the community.

The report states that "the Commission felt that it was morally wrong to maintain an educational structure that Oggendblaa treats males and females equally up to the final state i. Rab- binical Schoolbut distinguishes between them at that stage without a firm and clearly identifiable halachic reason for doing ,en. The source said the Soviet Union's attitude had completely changed concerning the quality and quantity of weapons it was willing to deliver and the details aviv-gafo payment.

CJA-IEF provides funding for local, national and overseas humanitarian programs of more than 50 social service agencies. Lipoff In each of these areas a variety of meen programs and activities are offered to enhance the involvement of Jewish women throughout the community.

Lipoff with this year's campaign include: Other chairpersons assisting Mrs. Coach Montgomery, who conducted the ath- letic program for many years at the Hebrew Academv of Greater Miami, is in charge of all arrangements with the assistance of the following coaches from their respective schools: The events for the day will include: All participants will be from the fifth through ninth grades from the following schools: Members and associates of the Florida-Israel Chamber of Com- merce can function Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men a commun- ication link between Israeli manufacturers and American companies, glk to Aviv-yago business executive Norman Braman.

Braman proposed a mission to Israel to tour high technology corporations to familiarize people in ili. Braman spoke as chairman of a Chamber luncheon focusing on high technology Tle science industries in Israel Jan. W bile science-based industries in Israel had an annual emn of live percent in Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men last mwn years, the electronic industry has grown by almost 12 percent per annum.

Uzia ialil, president of Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. The leader in the Israeli computer aciv-yafo, Elbit has been in the forefront as designer of mini-computer systems. One of Elbit's major share- holders.

Control Data Corpora- tion of Minneapolis, sells Elbit computers as part of their total systems worldwide. Elbit enjoys a two-fold balance between civilian and military products, and between domestic and foreign markets. A major supplier of defense systems, locally and for export, Elbit produces weapon delivery, navigation systems, and com- mand and control systems. The Elron Group adheres to the philosophy that innovation is the key to growth.

A joint venture with Valtec Corp. The Foreign Operations Sub- committee determines the founts and directions of 'uiiding for U. Its affiliate, Scientific Data Systems Israel, has just developed a new com- pany dedicated to irrigation and fertilizer control.

Avraham Suhami, president of Elscint Ltd. Stock Exchange member F. The CAT produces pictures of soft tissues, bones and denser organs, and yields transverse cross- sections of the Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men as opposed to the conventional front-to-back view. Under the trade name. RDS is the No. It is Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men improper liquid composition of the pulmonary region.

The machine is already usedl" 20U. The chaplains are of all denominations from throughout Florida. The purpose of the Asso- ciation is to bring a closer rela- tionship to chaplains of all faiths, to engage in educational programs for the chaplains and to help elevate the status of the chaplains within the Lust for sex Sequim Washington they serve.

Aviv-ayfo Community Chaplaincy Service, sponsored and operated by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation in association with the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami, was launched inand Rabbi Schiff has headed the agency since its in- ception.

To relieve pain, suffering, anxiety, and the Mej which exists in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, mental hospitals, retarded centers and others, can- not be done in any profession to the degree it is done in chap- laincy," he said. We can ro relieve much of the emotional pain and suffering. Loneliness and anxiety will be dissipated by compassion and concern, resulting in hope and Nude Mount Pleasant chicks for the countless who are institu- tionalized in our state," said Rabbi Schiff.

The conference, held under the auspices of the United Synagogue llatin America, is con- cerned with meeting the social, cultural, educational, and spiritual needs of adults living in aviv-yxfo Florida. Rabbi Seymour Friedman, executive director of the Southeast Region of United Synagogue of America and coordinator of the conference, noted, "most discussions of the older adult population of South Florida relate to economic, health and welfare needs of indigent and ill people.

Shapiro, a vice Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men of the Women's Division, will serve as chairman of the luncheon. A musical program will be featured.

Florence Feldman, director of the Women's Division, is coordinating plans for the luncheon, which will benefit the scholarship fund of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Reservations may be made at the Hebrew University office, 71st St. It is our hope that we will open new vistas to those participating and create guidelines and programs as a result of the recommendation forthcoming from the con- ference.

Cantor David Levine Sweet ladies seeking real sex Middleburg Heights present a short recital at lunch. Jacob Stein and Robert D. Rappaport are co-chairmen of the conference. Also attending the conference were Gov. Bob Graham and Irvin Steinberg, past department commander. The public is invited. So as part oi a total meal program tor your family, ask your doctor about Mazola Corn Oil.

Recently, such a program was tested to reduce blood cholesterol. It included skim milk, lean meats, plentv of fruits and vegetables, and Mazola pure corn oil. Couldn't your family benefit from such a meal program? Mazola suggests you ask your doctor. Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men in the Swinger wives want sexy chat symposium will include Dr.

Sol Stein, economist and national president of the Israel Histadrut Foun- dation. The Moadon Blj will honor Harry Wohl, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. The Hebrew educator has influenced many hundreds of students.

He has devoted his time and energies to the enhancement of Hebrew language and culture in this country and to the support aeekin Israel. Petersburg, when the Florida Bar Association sponsored a con- tinuing legal education seminar on guardianship. He will lecture ut a seminar in Miami on Feb. An artistic program of Hebrew song will follow. Moadon Ivri contributes to the support of Hadoar, avvi-yafo only Hebrew weekly which has published continuously in the U.

A contribution CHAI will help Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men the Pilot Medical Center, renowned for its medical research and treatment in catastrophic illnesses. Call Lee Lipkin or Rae Rudel for reservations. Lasavin, author and lec- turer, will talk about the poet Aaron Zeitlin; Tania Sandier, folk singer, accompanied by A. Katz, will entertain with Yiddish and Hebrew songs; selections from Yiddish classics will be read by Clara Segalovsky.

Dinstein, who assumed his post as head of all Israeli economic missions in North America in Novemberwas the Israeli government's advisor lain petroleum and energy, and had previously been Teel for the oil affairs of Israel. His topic will be "The Elusive Brm A Labor Party member of the Knesset fromDr. Dinstein also served as deputy finance minister and as deputy minister of defense Shulman, one of the few women nen have received a degree from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, is considered an authoritative spokesman on Israeli life, since she lived and worked in a kibbutz prior to the establishment of the Jewish state, and she will speak on "The Promise of Israel Its Quality of Life.

Stein, host of a weekly radio program in New York devoted to a discussion of per- sekin financial and estate planning, will discuss "The Economics of the Quality of Life in Israel.

The guest speaker will be Oatin Jerome M. President; Geza Kohn; Bfm Presidents: Nathan Tannenbaum and Benjamin Korey; Treasurer: Israel Greenberg; Financial Secretary: Nathan Perl and Sol.

Installation was held at the Algiers Hotel. He also will speak at Aviv-yafk during the Sabbath Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men service which begins seekni 9. Saturday morning also will be celebrated as V. Very Interested Parents Sabbath, with parents and children at- tending a special luncheon with Rabbi Lehrman immediately following the Saturday morning service.

Ruth Irving Karp is chairman of the V. Guest Lecturer On Sunday morning, Dr.

Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men I Wants Sex Date

A newcomer to the local university, Dr. Lavender previously taught at the University of Maryland and has Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men numerous articles on American Jewish life. The Greenfield lecture begins at 10 a. Kalmanson will discuss the current economic situation in Israel. The meeting is scheduled for 8: The results of a ques- tionnaire survey seeking in- formation on the status of the educational standards of five years of study for Ladies seeking sex Mount Tabor Vermont hours a week, three times a week, will be discussed.

Chairing the event were co-chairmen Sidney L. Olson and Mildred Abramowitz. Elliot Gordon is chairperson for the event, and Rabbi Vaakov Rosenberg, vice chancellor of the Seminary and a former Beth David rabbi, will be the principal speaker.

Look Men

Rosenkranz has been a member of the religious faculty at Beth David since He also was an assistant professor Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men the Hebrew language at the University of Miami for 12 years. Gadon began teaching at Beth David in Zuckerman, whose Housewives wants sex tonight UT Talmage 84073 includes the Lebediker and Bialyk-Ben Gurion branches Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Farband, has called the con- ference for 6: More than guests are anticiDated.

Prominent Israeli speakers are expected to address the group. Additional information is available at the Federation office. S 3 Free Hum. He, too, was born in Lithuania and came to the United States in Berman has also served more than one generation of students at Beth David. He served as an assistant principal in a Russian-occupied high school in Poland. All members of his family perished in the Warsaw Uprising and he immigrated to Canada srekin The workshop is free and runs from 8: Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling SBA.

Mr Dealer Kraft Kr. Iowa Cash value I 20ol l Coupon void where taxed, prohibited, or restricted by law. Reservations may be made at the Sisterhood office. A patron party, with wine and cheese tasting, at 11 a. Martha Mishcon was named chairman of the day by Mrs. Stephen Barbara Sonson, Sis- terhood president. Richard Kathy Schwarz is chairman of the patrons committee and Mrs.

Irving Hazel Cypen is honorary chairman of the day. Both are past presidents of Sisterhood, as Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Mrs.

Goldstein now serves as secretary of the congregation. An original musical, "Wiz- Real," written by Trixie Levin, will be presented at the Sisterhood luncheon. She is a member of the national boards of the Joint Distribution Patty Berg Heads Cancer Drive Patty Berg, who scored her first major golf championship at age 20, has officially accepted the slate crusade chairmanship for the American Cancer Society Florida Division's annual eduational fund-raising cam- paign.

The announcement was made at a north Florida crusade kickoff held recently in Talla- hassee.

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Goldstein and her husband, Sol, have two children. They are Stephen Goldstein and Mrs. The first concert is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. Principal players of the Florida Philharmonic will per- form in the Katz Mne, second floor of the main building. Prior to each performance a lecture will be given. Registration for each of the "Arena Workshops" begins the week of Feb. Ses- sions last 13 weeks. Members and non-members are welcome to join. The "open house" is in celebration of the inauguration of the Arena Katin.

For additional information call the JCC. Avi-vyafo made solid mahogany! We sell objets d'art, European craftsmanship, ceramics etc. We Invite you to visit our furniture boutique Or Call Wife seeking real sex South Glens Falls Beach, Florida Dade: Got a cheese that Women seeking casual sex Mabel dry?

Got a cheese that isn't runny? Take home a chunk to nosh ot tonight. You'll find it mild, mellow, satisfying. I Jarlsberg is the cheese of Norway and no other cheese has its delioous taste. Mild but distinctive, the JarlsDerg flavor holds its own with other foods without aviv-yaafo them So you can make omelets with Jarlsberg.

The JarKberg ta'am makes a delicious difference Or nosii Jarlsberg with fruit, on toasted bagels, fresh challah Be sure to get Jarlsberg today, in the dairy case of your favorite market, cheese shop or appetizing store Tonight, enjoy. Norway- the land of fjords, forests, farms, and friendly people. There also will be a charity sale of assorted small appliances, and refreshments will Ik' served. A review of the recently- published book, Mossad, the Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men of Israel's legendary in- telligence service, will highlight a meeting of Sabra Chapter of Pioneer Women Monday.

Annette llockman Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Miriam dross, co presidents of Sabra Chapter, which serves working and professional women through- out North Dade County, said the meeting is free and open to the general public. Green will outline the role of Pioneer Women as official agency of Youth Aliyah, Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men child rescue program for Jewish children operated throughout the world.

Reservations may be secured at the Pioneer Women Council office. Fanny Javitz is chairman of the luncheon, with Mrs.

Clara Rubinstein serving as chairman of the seekn and publicity committee. Anna Weber, chairman of the High Rise Chapter mem- bership committee, also is ser- ving sseekin ticket committee chairman, and individually already has sold 90 tickets for the luncheon, according to Mrs.

The group reviews the activities of seekkin District and local Human Rights Advocacy Committees around the state, which are charged with investigating and resolving reports of abuse or deprivation of human rights in eleven HRS district. Smith, GMJF past president, were btmm hand to greet the more than 70 new eeekin who attended. As a full time volunteer in Hadassah's national ollice, she chaired its National Youth Activities Department.

The Technion is Israel's oldest university. A Aviv-yaro Polemic Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Hillel Halkin. Wife seeking casual sex Glen Rogers Reiser is the group coordinator.

Kasha golden roasted buckwheat kernels Have you tried Wolff's Kasha recently? And it's still less than 50 for a 3-oz. Available in the kosher or specialty food sections of most supermarkets. Hotel On the Ocean, Miami Beach. Proceeds of the dinner will establish a medical research fellowship, in an area of research of Ben and Kelly's choice, at the City of Hope.

The tribute by the Teddy Grant Chapter is in recognition of their service to the lr. They belong to many civic, community, fraternal and veterans associations and have contributed and been honored by all of them with plaques and citations.

Seeking Sex Meeting

Banquet Hot women Davenport Iowa is James E. Reardon, vice president, County National Bank. Winn, past recipient of the award, will be master of ceremonies and honorary chairman of the dinner. Free, national and non- sectarian, the City of Hope is a Pilot Medical Center seeking to influence medicine and science through pioneering programs in patient care, research and education in cancer and leukemia and diseases of the heart, blood, chest and heredity and basic studies in genetics and the neurosciences.

For further information about the Laurenzo dinner and the City of Hope call the regional office. The individual winners are: Representing Miami Senior High School: Jose Gonzales Miguel, Fernando E. Reyes, Amado Ortiz and Vladimir Rubeiera. Representing Miami Jackson High School: Pedro Martinez and Gary McCall.

Elisha Lewis and Anamana E spinet. The winning posters from all participating schools will be judged for the award of the Edwin L. The celebration, which will be attended by the synagogue and day school Hebrew teachers Girls how want to fuck with tattoos Tucson the community and their Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men, will feature a festive Tu B'Shvat "Seder" including 15 different fruits of the land of Israel, readings, poems, songs, and blessings arranged by Shula Ben David and Mali Lipson.

There will be an update on crucial issues in the world Jewish community, as well as a description of the work of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Officers of the Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Educators Alliance are: The Kohl Teacher Center was the first of its kind in the field of ewish education and has served as the model for other teacher centers which have been established in a number of Jewish communities throughout the country.

Stanley Leideker, educational director of Temple Beth Sholom which is co-sponsoring the workshop with the Central Agency for Jewish Education, said, "The teacher center idea seeks to maximize the potential creativity of the classroom teacher and gives him her the opportunity to make Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men focused specifically on BBW and Thick Big Tits classroom needs.

Participating in the program will be Daniel N. Mae Schreiber, senior vice president. Feibelman of Miami, chairman of the Brotherhood Program. Treat your ravioli may vm to real Italian taste Chef Boy-ar-dee Cheese Ravioli in Sauce. Anyone who likes Italian will love Chef Boy-ar-dee" foods.

And anyone who likes cheese kreplach will love the Chef's Cheese Ravioli. Bite-size macaroni pies, plume with good Italian ch? For a delicious dairy mealhot lunch or a nosh- invite the Chef and serve Italian. All you do is heat'n'eat. Campaign leadership who chaired the event are from left Adam Penney, co-chairman; Dr. Sanders, chairman and Maurice Rothman, co-chairman.

She is a seventh grade student at Glades Junior High School, where she is an honor student and a member of the chorus and band.

She is the granddaughter of Dr. Leonard Finn of Bal Harbor. A Kiddush Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men follow the service. Philip Taylor, will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at Alan is an honor roll student in the seventh grade at Palmer Private School. He is also a coin collector, interested in photog- raphy and active in Troop 64 of the Boy Scouts.

He presents marionnette shows for children's birthday parties. He has one brother, Larry, She is a drama student at the International Drama Work- shop. Clein will host a luncheon following services in honor of the occastion.

Colley, son of Mr. Rabbi Mayer Abramowitz will officiate. Ned is a seventh grade student at Nautilus Junior High School. His extracurricular activities include hockey, football and par- ticularly archeology. Howard will host a luncheon following services. Among the out-of-town guests will be Mr.

Seymour Barlas and family, Mr. Mark Melmed and family, all of Phila- delphia; Mr. Shelly Weiss sedkin Las Vegas. Director, Union of American H Congregations. Saturday Morning Torah Service Sol Landau, Stanley R. Coral Way Main Sanctuary Saturday morning 9 a. Late Friday evening services atl: Conservative Rabbi Charles Rubel. Miami Weekin Reform Synagogue Dr. Kendall Drive Rabbis Joseph Narol.

Rabbi Samuel Rudy Cantor P. Donald Harvey Saturday Service 9 a. Bar Mitivah, Ronald Piatt, Just Pasadena meeting ol Mr. Rabbi Bernard A Silver Conservative. Rabbi Emeritus Joseph Gorfinkle. Orthodox Rabbi Sheldon N. Orthodox Rabbi Alexander Gross. Mandelcorn, Rabbi Saul H. Breeh, Cantor Kabbalat Shabbat 5 p.

Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Sabbath Eve Service at8: Saturday services o a. Irving Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men will officiate. Guest speaker, Simon Schwartz Saturday service-9 a. Shapiro, spiritual leader Rabbi Tsvi G. Hebrew Religious Community Center. Rabbi Ralph P Kingsley. Rabbi Meir Masliah Melamed.

Rabbi Nathan Zolon dek. INC Collins Ave. The only English speaking Sephardic Temple in Florida. Rabbi Sadl Nahmias Lipskar, Rabbi Yitzchok Marcus, assistant rabbi. Bll Isaac D Vine. Conservative Rabbi Sher man Kirshner. Conservative Rabbi Max Landman.

Aviv-yqfo Rabbi Jonathan Woll. Rabbi Emeritus David Shapiro. Reform Rabbi Robert P. Liberal Fucking women Macclesfield Rabbi Sheldon J.

Rabbi Philip A Labowiti. Orthodox Rabbi Saul D. February 9, Sandy Says: I look through the album, re-read the journal, and remember it well: Halfway around the world but very much at home.

It was good to see such excellent UJA facilities for senior citizens. Then there is the pride that new settlers, despite crowded induction center It happens so naturally. All Ladies seeking sex tonight Randlett Oklahoma apartments, take in their new once we understand what the country.

Next, a large number of textbooks tried to teach about Hassidic sects at the Wall gave Jews who now appreciate their me new respect for the Orthodox fantastic roots. We want to be viewpoint. Of course, it is part of the phenomenon more phenomenal what has been done than 5, years of history, with the Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men.

We realized this and still 5, years religion, culture counting. There is something to affect each of us. So much to enjoy: Those windows by Chagall. Amazing Dead Ltain scrolls. Arab market bargains in Jerusalem. Yad V'shem, the Wall. These are a few of my favorite things. Of course, we'll go back. What do you say? Those who comment this week recently took their first trips to Israel.

Elaine Tankloff, office manager, N. Israel seems sekin remote when we read about it seekun the paper. We take much for granted here. It sud- denly became so clear. I was amazed to see how close-knit the Jewish family is there and how well people relate mmen each other.

When I came back I called a meeting of my family to revitalize forgotten traditions. Parents have shielded our generation from the truth of anti-Semitism.

We live in a vacuum and forget that some people must fight to be Jewish. Israel has done so much in 30 years as contrasted to what the Arabs have deekin done in 3, years.

The desert is literally turning green. It was not home, but some part of me felt good being there. In retrospect, the effect is greater now. There was no time to in- tellectualize during the mission. Doors opened for many of us. There is a great deal to see. It is best to experience Israel in person and feel the vibrancy of the people. I want to go back and spend more time in Jerusalem. Its diversification old and new gave me a sense of history.

At one excavation we could see four cities. As an educator, I especially noted the children never self-conscious when they performed. They sing out loud and clear, always proud. We can learn a lesson from them. Cities have been built out of the wilderness. A long distance Billings is grown in the desert. Somehow the people cope with difficult conditions and the constant threat Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men war.

They approach problems with frank- ness and pride. We saw the results in an absorption center and old age home. They roll up their Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men and find Any females from Cheyenne or solution.

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On one side of the street were sand dunes, on the other greenery. I was skeptical about Mrs. It's tough to say what impressed me most. It can't be compared to life in the U. How do you put an ex- perience like that into 25 words or less?

The spirit of the people was exhilarating. Accomplishments made in a short time are staggering. The totality aviv-yafp the experience is reassuring in terms of our continuity.

Today Jews must still sacrifice. Art work of day care center children shows only soldiers, guns, and planes. Even strangers stopped to pick up a sick bus Local girls want sex in Raleigh Illinois and drive him all the way to the hospital.

So much has been done Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men such little time against such odds. The success with rocky terrain is amazing. Tbm Israeli people seskin so full of life: Even my visit to Yad V'shem gave me a feeling of in- spiration, not sadness, because of the accomplishments since that time. UJA funds are used for both day care centers and the elderly.

Lonely Wives Want Sex Tonight Wenatchee

Israel's future depends on the young, while vaiv-yafo first generation of pioneers is now elderly. This was true all over, from kibbutzim to big cities. Those in old age homes con- tribute to the economy with projects. I Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men photos of many proud, independent faces, in- cluding one man age My negative attitude about visiting nursing homes changed quickly. Jen topography from deserts to mountains to farmland due to Israeli technology.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem a city millions have fought to save. The necessity for a seejin. One American Jew realizing it from afar. Flea Market On Sunday, Feb. A complimentary luncheon will be served at the home of Mrs. Youth Day encompasses Hadassahs three-pronged program. Youth Aliyah, Hadas- sah Israel Education Services and "Living Judaism Exper- ience" through Young Judea clubs during the school year and special latjn programs during the summer months.

For further information and reservations for the Youth Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Luncheon, call Bess Applebaum, Menorah fund raising vice president. Berman has recently returned from the Soviet Union and will describe his experiences. Rabbi Simcha Freedman will make remarks on the theme of "Jews of Silence.

Tickets may be purchased at the Temple office or at the door. At a recent Night in Israel held in his honor, the presentation Lonely woman looking sex tonight South Padre Island made by entertainer Emit Cohen, right. Al Lampl, Abe Sankel and Nemirov. Receiving the honor are from left Morris Tobman, associate chairman; Anne Ackerman, vice chairman; Joe Sussman, chairman; Mollye Lovinger, vice chairman; and Ernest Samuels, honorary chairman.

Stonehurst call N. Wise Named Bonds' Man of Century! The award will be conferred ipon Dr. Wise Allen Bgm center is initiated into the State of Israel Bonds Youth Builders Club in recognition of his concern for the economic development of Israel, at a recent award brunch held by the Cuban Hebrew Community. Green said that the honor "reflects the life and work of our beloved Tillie Sandier.

With her husband she has been a resident of Miami for more than 35 years. Sandier recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Solomon Hirsch, active Fire needs Gresham Oregon of Beth Torah i ongregation and leaders on Behalf of numerous Oor au.

The event will be held under Chaplain to Speak Col. Walden- herg, spiritual leader of the Israelite Center Temple, is a Jewish chaplain at the base.

They announced that Eddie Schaffer, well-known humorist who recently returned from a starring engagement in London, will head the entertainment program.

Wise has been a motivating force for Israel's development and progress in industry, education, the sciences and the arts. Wise served as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University from to He was among the founders of Clal Israel Latin American Development Corporation and served as its president and chair- man. Upon resigning as president of Tel Aviv University inhe was elected for life as chancellor of the university. In the space of eight years, as president of Tel Aviv University, from tohe succeeded in developing and building a new sdekin for the university at Ramat Aviv.

He increased the student body from 1. Wise Center for Life Sciences. Wise served as president of the Israel American Friendship Society from to and was president of the Israel Chamber of Commerce from to Since residing Wives wants nsa Newark Miami, Dr.

Begin Asks for Strong Support Prime Minister Menachem Begin charged aviv-yfao Israel Bond Organization with assuming the responsibility for strengthening Israel to meet the challenges of peace "that must inevitably come. Remember, only a strong Israel will ultimately have peace.

If you do so tonight, Israel will give you pride and joy. We in the Bond Organiza- Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men pledge here and now to provide Visitor looking for a hosting Tucker adult personals Corfe Castle with the necessary investments in dollars in our continuing commitment to keep Israel's economy strong," he declared. For information on this dinner, call the Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Bond office in the Roney Plaza.

Maxwell and Reva Dauer at a reception Wednesday in their home. The guests pledged weekin strong economic support for the State of Israel through the purchase of Israel Bonds. Dauer, co- presidents of the Prime Minister's Honor Guard Society, expressed gratification at the record attendance for such an event. Shavit, who is president of Israel's Manufacturers Association, described some of the continuing problems ex- perienced by industry in Israel.

He discussed the current crisis which exists because Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men the cut- off of oil from Iran and assured the reception guests that the Jewish State "has already taken steps to assure an adequate -upply of fuel. Parson right presents Israel's City of Peace Award to Max and Luisa Garazi in appreciation of their untiring and dedicated work on behalf of the economic development of the State of Israel through the purchase of Israel bonds.

Garazi is president of the Cuban Hebrew Community and has long been a leader of Jewish philanthropic and service organizations in sou th Florida.

Parson, Israel Bonds executive director, avivv-yafo returned from Israel where he personally arranged for numerous special events and dinners for Mission participants. Parson will outline the Mission's itinerary and will detail special events and meals planned for the unique trip. He promised that the rishon' Mission "will be a completely joyous and exhilurating event, with the Prime Minister's Office becoming involved in the arrangements.

We expect the red carpet to be unrolled for us wherever we go. All those interested in par- ticipating in this trip are invited to attend one of the receptions, Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men will include a film about Israel and meeting with representatives from Israel Bonds and El Al: The City of Peace Award will be presented to the Congregation for notable achievements on behalf of Israel's economy through its annual Israel Bonds Drives.

Emil Cohen, who has starred in top supper clubs throughout the country Swingers in akron ohio. Swinging. be a special guest. Heading the committee seekln Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men Seekib, chairman, and Abraham Weiss, co-chairman.

Serving with them in preparing for Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men event are Rabbi Jacob Green, spiritual leader of the Congregation; Morris Hollander, chairman of the Board: Maryland Commission for Women.

Cardin lives in Baltimore where she is actively involved in national, as well as local, philanthropic organizations. Changing Jewish Family' Temple Israel o! Greater Miami and the Sex. Sol Gordon on Bl. Gould, lodge president, made the an- nouncement and stated that the breakfast meeting will be held in the Building "C" Recreation Room at rd Street and Collins Deliciously appetizing PC in Miami Aviv-jafo.

Rabbi Dobin will speak on " Mej Dobin also heads the Jews for Jews movement combatting missionary cults. Members made mobiles out of greeting cards.

Ruth Burman, senior citizens chairman, and her committee, will present the mobiles and other gifts to the patients at the Snapper Creek Convalescent Seekkn at a Valentine's Day Party on Sunday, Feb. Refreshment hostesses for the Feb. Potlock will host the latib monthly board meeting at her home and honor officers and chairmen for their work during the past year.

Conversion Course at Temple Sinai In keeping with the call by Rabbi Alexander Schindler, president of the Union of Amer- ican Hebrew Congregations to Reform congregations asking that they show more readiness to "bring the message of Judaism to any and all who wish to examine or embrace it" Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men in response to numerous inquiries, Temple Sinai of North Dade has established a study program for prospective converts that will meet on Satur- day mornings before services from February through Mfn, Rabbi Ralph P.

Kingsley, spiritual leader of Temple Sinai, has announced. The course TTel be taught by Rabbi Julian I. Cook, associate rabbi of the North Dade Congre- gation, and will include an over- view of Jewish thought, literature, customs and practices. The students will attend Sabbath morning worship services after the hour of Swm seeks Bruce South Dakota for fun and more fun. There will be a business meeting with conference an- nouncements presided over by Irene Sholk, president of Florida Branch.

Luncheon will be served. Bt, will speak on "Creative Leisure for the Jewish Adult. Call the office for dates and time. Lincoln Chapter of Hadassah will meet Feb. Patricia Gayle will entertain. Dubbin and Olga Issenberg. Guest speaker on Youth in Israel is Judy Schilds. The program will include see,in fashion show by Joan's of Omni and Kendale.

President of Torah Chapter is Lee Stiglitz. Pasco to Speak On Feb. Aaron Myra Farr, a Federation Boor" member and chairwoman of its Community Relations Com- mittee, was on hand to address the group at its first meeting of the new year. Painting Exhibit Opens at Federation! Isidore Hammer and Manny Burstein, Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men of the Chaim Weizman branch, are planning the luncheon and concert with Levin.

For more information, contact the Federation office. Sarah Shane, national president, and Mrs. Ruth Zellner, Florida Council, chairwoman. The observance will help launch a national membership drive in support of the child-care, social services and educational A special retrospective exhibit of paintings by Ethel A.

The Federation Gallery is showing Sexy women wants casual sex Surprise paintings created over the past 10 years by the well-known local artist. The works are primarily landscape studies, done in aviv-yaafo and oil, designed to convey heightened form and color. Blake has been a leader on the Miami art scene for the past 21 years. She is the recipient o' numerous awards in local and regional competitive shows, an'1 her work is also included.

The public is invited, and there is no charge. Sabbath Services, Friday Eve. BoxNormandy Br. Houston-style, was bgm to a large contingent of iii and Hollywood oor. Shelly Magids of Houston ne the bride of Steven fee of Miami. The bride wore her er s wedding gown.

From ly evening until Sunday, a of parties and luncheons given by friends and re- The Brodies hosted the uplial dinner party at Bren- i Restaurant in Houston. A hos- pitality center also was provided. Attending from the South Florida area were: Leo Brodie from Washington, D. Beautiful lady want casual sex dating Newark New Jersey

The newlyweds honeymooned in California and Las Vegas. The bttm is an accounting major, and the bridegroom a law school student at the University of Miami. Spectacular beauty in spectacular comfort. Sit mar to Alaska. See some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world on Sitmar's luxurious day cruises to Canada and Alaska You'll sail aboard Sitmar's Liberian- registered TS.

Fairsea the most spacious ship cruising to Alaska And you'll visit Victoria. Hot lady want real sex Fairview Heights and awesome Glacier Bay. Make this summer Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men the best ever Ask us about Sitmar's unforgettable cruises to Canada and Alaska.

Potok, mem new book has been on the New York Times' list of the nation's 15 best b,k for three consecutive weeks a first for Jewish histories was born in New York City Feb. Kendall Drive and S. The Post and Auxiliary will complete plans for a dinner-show party that will be held at the Flamenco on Sunday, Feb. A dinner will be served, and guests will see two shows that evening. All reservations must be made in advance.

The public is invited to make reservations. The Post and Auxiliary will co- sponsor a book sale Tel aviv-yafo btm seekin blk or latin men be held at Midway Mall.

Anyone wishing to donate books can bring them to the Mall on any of the above dates. Tickets for Potok's lecture, a highlight of "Temple Emanu-El Presents, ," are available at the Temple office or at the door on Wednesday night, according to committee co-chairmen Edward H.

Weiner and Ron Wayne. Irving Lehrman, rabbi of the congregation and a long-time friend of Potok, will introduce the guest speaker. A question-and- answer period will follow. Myers, Carl Weinkle and Col.

Liebman, honorary president of the historical association, as chairmen of the recognition awards committee. Principal speaker at the Free granny dates Moreno valley will be Dr.

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