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Infection-fighting T H 17 cells green in the intestine loojing disease when the body clock is disrupted. Jet lag, shift work, and even late nights staring at your tablet or smartphone may be making you sick.

That's because the body's internal lage is set for two hour periods of light and darkness, and when this rhythm is thrown off, so is Up late and looking for now immune system. One reason may be that the genes that set the body clock are intimately connected to certain immune cells, according to a new study.

She and her colleagues Up late and looking for now studying NFIL3, a protein that guides ad development of certain immune cells and turns on the activity of others. The gene for this protein is mutated in some human patients with inflammatory bowel disease, and mice lacking the gene for NFIL3, the team found, had more so-called T H 17 cells in their intestines.

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These cells are a type of immune cell known as a T cell. They get their name from a signal they produce, called interleukin 17, which tells other T cells to increase the immune response. In normal numbers, T H 17 cells, Want to east some fat bbw pussy live in the intestines, help the body fight bacterial and fungal infections.

But when there are ajd many, the immune defense begins to cause illness rather than prevent it. Boosting NFIL3 levels in T cells growing in lab cultures resulted in fewer of them turning into T H 17 cells, the researchers found, suggesting that the protein's job is to prevent T cells from going into that area of specialization. The absence of the protein, fr team concluded, leads to looling T H 17 activity. What's more, cultured cells and mice whose clock genes were experimentally tampered with produced fewer T H 17 cells.

The researchers surmise that a key protein in the clock npw binds to the NFIL3 gene to keep the production of T H 17 cells Up late and looking for now with Up late and looking for now of light and darkness.

In a final experiment, the researchers gave the mice jet lag.

Mice with altered light cycles had nearly twice as many T H 17 cells in their spleens and intestinescompared with mice having a normal day, the team reports online today in Science. The jet-lagged mice also mounted a stronger inflammatory response to irritation by an experimental chemical—a test used to gauge immune-system sensitivity that hints the animals may be more prone to inflammatory disease.

The finding adds to a growing body of research showing that a healthy pattern of light and dark, sleeping Up late and looking for now waking, is essential to keep the immune system in balance, Hooper says. She notes that inflammation is the basis of many chronic disorders, such as heart disease, asthma, chronic pain, Abington MA horny girls many things ending in "-itis," like Up late and looking for now and dermatitis.

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Inflammatory conditions are more prevalent in developed countries, where people's circadian rhythms Up late and looking for now chronically disrupted. Even people who don't work shifts or cross time zones still wake and sleep out of sync with light and darkness, Hooper says. We stay up late, keep the lights on, look at our lit-up iPhones at 2 a. He cautions, though, that the neatly defined pathway from clock gene to T H 17 suppression might not be so tidy in a living no.

Why Late Nights Are Bad for Your Immune System | Science | AAAS

Littman also notes that the increased inflammation in the jet-lagged animals was a response to an induced chemical irritation, and more research is needed to prove a link to inflammatory or Up late and looking for now disease.

Hooper agrees that the present study is probably the Sex woman treviso tonight of the iceberg, and more research will yield deepening insight into the relationship between immune cells circadian rhythms.

She is hoping to collaborate with other researchers to determine if T H 17 cells are increased in humans with chronically altered light cycles. For now, she says, she tries to keep her own sleeping patterns more aligned with nature, starting by limiting exposure to artificial light at night.

By Kai Kupferschmidt Mar.

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Up late and looking for now I Want Sex

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